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Avaus Cookbook: AI in Marketing and Sales

Being data-driven promises the ability to use your organisation’s data and improve outcomes with the help of digitalised tools and methods.To help out fellow practitioners and business decision-makers alike, we at Avaus have collected a set of 50 recipes to help you take the first steps to becoming increasingly data-driven.

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1. B2B Sales Trends 2021

How to automate your sales processes & add more data driven decisioning? Introducing 7 pragmatic first steps to become data driven revenue organisation & to help you get started on your journey towards data driven operations.


2. What every CMO should know about Data

What data is relevant for marketing & sales and what gives data predictive power and why?
Introduction to the key elements you need to know to build a result and data driven marketing & sales engine.


3: The Data Driven Marketing Operating Model

Watch to hear what increasing your automation level by 100x will require from your organizational design and operating model & What competencies you need in the future.


4: Algo Operations – How to scale up your algorithmic marketing

How to make sure that your Data & Analytics unit can keep delivering as much value as possible while scaling up & the top 5 key accelerators to help your organisation to scale.


5: Customer Data Platform: Best practices & use cases

Use case centricity is an undervalued area that is often disabling business value captured. This session will help navigating through all the hype, buzzwords and acronyms.

Webinars: Marketing Efficiency

Agenda 2020: Restructuring marketing for efficiency

In this webinar you will learn about 4 pillars for managing in a recession, and each is described in detail via three concrete initiatives that will provide tangible and substantial business results for your organisation in the year 2020 and beyond.

Expert Panel on Covid-19 – Short term recommendations

– How to make both short and medium term plans, right now
– How to optimise ROI for 2020 by doing more with less
– How to utilise the momentum and lead the fast-forwarded digitalisation process in the year(s) to come

Nordic CMO survey – Covid-19 impact

A new Nordic CMO survey by IAB in Sweden and Finland, Avaus and ASML (Data & Marketing Association Finland) reveals what exactly is happening for marketing in COVID-19 crisis.