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Seth Godin Interview

What we learned from our inspiring lunch with Seth Godin?

Marketing guru Seth Godin joined Avaus and Emma Storbacka for an inspiring talk at the Nordic Business Forum. Seth shared his insight that he’s gained from years of working and studying the developments and evolution of marketing with our Swedish Country Manager Emma, as well as our lunch guests from various departments of the marketing business.

Seth Godin and Emma Storbacka had a very interesting and thought-provoking conversation about important questions regarding the future of marketing and how we can adapt into the evolution that is transforming our field of business.


Here are the key takeaways from it:

  • Permission marketing is just as relevant now as it was 20 years ago.
  • Build a trusting relationship (work on branding) with your customers instead of bombarding them with offers and spam, as this is a better strategy in the long run.
  • Personal, relevant ads are the most efficient way to reach customers.
  • If you can’t make your product seem interesting, make something else.
  • Mass-communication isn’t relevant anymore – the future lies in mass-customization.
  • Having a product and communication that builds a true relationship with a few customers is better than having a thousand customers tolerate you.
  • Hire people who are changemakers in their field, meaning they aren’t afraid to fail. “If people don’t fail, fire them.” Seth claimed, as it’s the only way we can figure out new ways of operating.
  • Figure out a way to directly reach your customers, don’t rely too much on external sources like Facebook and Google.
  • Hire people who want to learn. The world of marketing is constantly changing, and we need to change our skills, mindset and perspective with it.


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