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AI: Beyond the Hype – Avaus Expert Talks 2024


AI: Beyond the Hype

This event is a must for business leaders in sales and marketing, offering:

  • Essential AI knowledge applicable to your organization (both B2B and B2C).
  • Innovative insights to fuel business growth.
  • AI competency development through breakout sessions and case studies.

Get inspired to take action: get access to the full event recordings now!

The event is brought to you by Avaus and Mercuri International. Avaus brings extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in data and AI. Mercuri International are experts in research and the latest trends in sales performance improvement. 

Watch the recordings to:

  • Experience inspirational and practical keynotes from knowledgeable speakers who will get you prepared for today’s reality.
  • Learn from experts and thought leaders who will share their experiences and best practices in utilizing the power of AI.
  • Get hands-on takeaways that will inspire you to take action.

Industry insights

Nicklas Tibblin

“Early adopters of AI – What have we learned?”

VP Business Development at Atlas Copco

Early adopters of AI technologies have seen the business value and wanted to explore and learn. Atlas Copco is an organization where the teams have engaged in practical, hands-on work to gain knowledge and experience in a domain where most are only still talking and theorizing.

In this session we will explore:

  • How to select a good pilot area? Why pilot the use of AI?
  • What have the organization learned when getting started?
  • What are the biggest surprises, challenges and learning opportunities?

Emma Storbacka

“From AI hype to reality – A framework for commercial leaders”

CEO at Avaus

Scaling AI within organizations is vital for impactful integration. Despite experimentation, implementation lags, yielding underwhelming returns. Focusing on sales, marketing, and customer service offers promise. Deep integration across processes is essential for true success. Avaus emphasizes robust leadership and strategic skills. Underestimating scaling’s complexity proves costly, requiring a systematic framework. Early investment in scalability is crucial for reaping AI’s substantial benefits and avoiding lagging competitors.

Industry insights

Freddy Sobin & Tom Lindberg

“Using Data and AI to create a profit engine out of your customer base”

Group CEO at XXL & CDO at Viking Line

Data, AI and automation presents the opportunity to automate sales, personalize customer experiences and deliver more value in each customer interaction. In this session we will hear from industry leaders that are determined to leverage data, AI and automation to drive profitability and growth from their customers bases in retail and travel.

In this session we will explore:

  • How profitability intrinsically is connected to the spend of each of your customers
  • How data, AI and automation can be used to drive that customer value towards new heights
  • How putting data at the center of your corporate development agenda can drive both profitability, growth and competitive advantage – at the same time

Jo O´Connor

“AI for Marketing – It’s not IF, it’s WHEN and HOW to do it while strengthening the customer relationship”

Principal Solutions Consultant, Adobe

As we navigate our day-to-day activities, it’s crucial to recognize that AI isn’t a novel concept; rather, it’s quietly integrated into our surroundings. From marketing strategies to personalized outreach, AI is the driving force behind numerous everyday tools. Jo explore how generative AI, such as Adobe’s Firefly and Sensei GenAI, optimizes marketing efforts, enhances content workflows, and shapes our digital experiences. She delves into the depths of AI’s influence and the need to leverage its capabilities responsibly.

Industry insights

Christoffer Rönnblad & Jan Guhrés

“Organizing for an AI led future”

CMO Nordics at McDonald’s & Senior Manager at Scania

Most organizations are not organized for driving value at scale from data, AI and automation. Decentralized operating models, and the lack of a common language between organizational silos are typical challenges for a business leader seeking to transform into a more data driven organization.

In this session we will explore:

  • How to inspire change?
  • How to organize for scalable success?
  • How to bridge the gap between technology and business?

Livestream breakout sessions:

Picture of the Adobe logo, one of the breakout sessions at AET


Analytics Competence Lead


Picture of the Adobe logo, one of the breakout sessions at AET


Content Supply Chain Sales Specialist


Picture of Eldar Terzic, one of the breakout sessions at AET


Chief Technical Officer



Picture of the Telia logo, one of the breakout sessions at AET


Head of Content Automation Management


Picture of the Mercuri International logo, one of the breakout sessions at AET


Global Account Director


Picture of the Kuubi logo, one of the breakout sessions at AET


CEO & Partner


Picture of Joakim Rönnblom, one of the breakout sessions at AET


Senior Strategy Consultant


Picture of the Coop NO logo, one of the breakout sessions at AET


Head of Customer Journey & Media



Picture of Johanna Andrén, one of the breakout sessions at AET


Head of Growth


Picture of the Aiven logo, one of the breakout sessions at AET


Sr. Director of Marketing Operations


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