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What you can expect from working with us

Reliable support at every step

Achieving success in digital transformation and getting the most out of your data and technology investments takes long-term planning and dedication. We stand by you as our client throughout your journey, from strategic planning and skill development to achieving real results.

We aim to build long-term partnerships, usually lasting five years or more, often with success-based fees to ensure our goals are aligned with yours.

We have a wide range of skills to meet your needs, and we bring our unique Avaus culture to every project.

Accelerated success with our proven methodologies and solutions

With over 15 years of experience, we’ve created methods and tools designed to speed up your results.

Here are some of our key tools for rapid value creation:

  • Use case library: Over 250 data-driven actions, designed to achieve various business goals.
  • Business case framework: Measure the potential impact of your projects.
  • Technical component library: Simplify data management, analysis, and activation.
  • Machine Learning framework: Implement algorithms quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Change management toolbox: Guide transformations and reduce risks with our systematic approach.

Results we’ve achieved for our clients

  • Sales efficiency improved by 20%
  • Customer retention increased by 23%
  • Purchase frequency went up by 22%
  • Acquisition costs in paid media reduced by 32%
  • Revenue from self-service channels up by 40%
  • Marketing ROI improved by 3.45 times
  • 40% of the sales pipeline came from marketing
  • Service center calls from new customers dropped by 69%
  • Revenue boost of 2MEUR from personalized cross-selling

We help you plan and prioritize how to improve your sales and marketing results using data and automation:

  • Strategy consultants
  • Project managers

We make your data actionable and available:

  • Data engineers
  • Data managers
  • Data designers
  • Data architects

We add insights and intelligence and automate decisioning:

  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Data visualization specialists

We activate your data and automate marketing across channels:

  • Engagement technology specialists
  • Activation and orchestration specialists

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"We used Avaus as a SWAT team to develop automated campaigns and set up a CLM framework for managing customers in different stages of their lifecycles. They were structured, proactive and delivered above our expectations. They helped us improve our current state while providing insights into how we can continue our journey."

Freddy Sobin, CEO, XXL

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"By collaborating with Avaus, we have gained new learnings and learned how to scale our use of Generative AI. The PoC scratched the surface of what we can and should do with AI and we are excited about the next steps."

Karin Reichard, Program Manager Digital Twin, Atlas Copco

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"I am exceptionally pleased with the relationship with Avaus. They have been and continue to be a great partner. In the start of the project Avaus wasn’t afraid of setting the right expectations and they delivered beyond expectations. I would recommend Avaus whole heartedly and I have never been happier with a consultant."

Philip Hagenfeldt, Customer Service Manager,
Mathem and Fruktbudet

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"Avaus has helped us to define our digital customer experience, what is needed from technical perspective to deliver it, and how we could improve our processes and  way-of-working.   The team was able to deliver the multi-dimensional project involving deep technical and data insights as well as a solid business understanding on a very tight schedule. The cooperation with Avaus was interactive, insightful, and professional, making it easy to recommend Avaus for similar digital CX engagements."

David Meneghello, VP Strategy and Marketing, Telia Finland

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"Working with Avaus has been agile and flexible. Cooperation, communication and business understanding have evolved year by year on both sides and in a rewarding spirit. Avaus has often found skilled resources for a specific development idea quickly and flexibly. With Avaus, DNA is one of the pioneers in its field of digital and multichannel marketing with personalised and automatised solutions. Combining DNA's award-winning analytics environment with the multichannel and timely communication built with the help of Avaus is one of the success factors of our customer experience and satisfaction."

Tuomo Kokkarinen, Head Of Department, Data and Visualization, DNA Oyj

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