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My name is Peter Vaigur, I am the Head of Insights and I will be your host.

Who is welcome?

Not only our key stakeholders, but also their colleagues, looking for insights about digital marketing, sales and service.

The only requirement is that you have an email address from one of our active customers.

Exclusive lunch event before Avaus Expert Talks

11 May 11:30-12:30 CEST
Before Avaus Expert Talks, we will host an exclusive lunch event, where you can exchange experiences with industry peers on relevant topics, enjoy a free meal and get food for thought. The discussion is facilitated by a subject matter expert from us. After lunch, we will go to Eric Ericsonhallen to get good examples and best practices of how to leverage data and automation. Choose two (2) areas to sign up!

  1. Leading Digital Transformation: Challenges and opportunities on the executive agenda
    What are the key building blocks in a customer-centric strategy? How to get return on data and technology investments?

    Långa Raden

  2. Data and Analytics: Collecting and analyzing customer data to create business value
    What is the needed data and what are the needed models? How to work with compliance and security?

    Lydmar Hotel

  3. Technological Capabilities: How to automate action and personalize content across channels
    What are the needed IT systems to future-proof your organization? How to work with content automation?

    Lydmar Hotel

  4. Organizational Capabilities: Ways of working to turn customer data into business value
    What is the importance of cross-functional collaboration and management support? How to work with responsibilities and empowerment?


  5. People and Culture: How to secure skill and will in data-driven transformation
    What are the needed competencies to future-proof your organization? How to work with change management?



Please note! This sign up is just for the exclusive lunch event before Avaus Expert Talks. Register for the main event at Eric Ericsonhallen here.

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