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AI in Marketing & Sales



-The Avaus Cookbook 

Your pragmatic guide to using customer data and algorithms to get more results out of your current marketing and sales activities.

Download the AI cookbook with 50 recipes to become data driven here:


As leaders in marketing, sales and customer experience, we all are under pressure to create more results with the same – or even fewer resources.


Being data-driven promises the ability to use your organisation’s data and improve outcomes with the help of digitalised tools and methods.To help out fellow practitioners and business decision-makers alike, we at Avaus have collected a set of 50 recipes to help you take the first steps to becoming increasingly data-driven.


We created the Avaus Cookbook: AI in Marketing and Sales to

  • Move from AI-fluff to concrete recipes
  • Help companies and individuals to get started with AI initiatives
  • Inspire you (and your team)  to take the “Algo Leap”
  • Educate both Business and Analytics practitioners, and create a shared language for planning: Data-algo-action


We strongly believe that in the future, every successful company will be powered by algorithms. So you better start now: download your own copy of the Cookbook!

We help you take the Algo-leap!


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