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The Avaus Podcast


The Avaus Podcast is where we share some of what we have picked up over the years – as well as what we think about the future.

Listen in for interviews, business updates and much more.


What is data-driven, concretely?

Episode 4 – May 2023

In this episode our CEO Emma Storbacka and our Strategy Director Ilona Vigren reveal the secret recipe for a successful data-driven business and discuss:

– How to define a data-algo-action framework and methodology.

– How to apply the framework to concrete business problems.

– How to scale up the recipe

Why are we stuck in endless piloting?

Episode 3 – May 2023

Is your organisation ready to run a marathon instead of endless sprints?
Our CEO Emma Storbacka and Strategy Director Ilona Vigren are your coaches and discuss your full training program:

– How to end endless piloting

– How to scale and automate the right efforts

– How to personalise at scale

– How to create the right mindset

Data-driven organization
Why follow small metrics and not your big instinct

Episode 2 – April 2023

Our podcast series continues! High vision of becoming data-driven, but don’t know how to translate vision into concrete actions? We got you! Our CEO Emma Storbacka and Strategy Director Ilona Vigren are breaking down the steps:

– How to become a data-driven organisation

– How to define the relevant KPIs

– How to create the right mindset

What can European organisations learn from the Nordic way of working?

Episode 1 – November 2022

We are continuing our European expansion.
Starting from January 2023, Italian enterprises will be able to leverage Avaus’ best practice assets and methodologies for accelerating data-driven transformation in marketing and sales. Listen to Emma Storbacka, Avaus Group CEO interviewing Piero Trivellato, Country Manager Avaus Italy on what European organisations in general, and Italian firms in specific, can learn from the Nordic way of working with data-driven transformation.