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Drive frequency and increase average basket size through data & automation

Elevating customer experiences and unlocking your growth potential 

In today’s retail landscape, providing personalized experiences to customers is crucial for brand differentiation and loyalty. Through the use of automation and algorithms, our Retail clients have been able to:

  • Increase purchase frequency 
  • Increase basket size
  • Improve sales margins
  • Improve customer experience & retention 
  • Optimise product categories     
  • Become customer centric and data-driven 

“We have never worked this data and customer insights driven before. Avaus’ ability to both solve the technical and data related challenges, and to facilitate and translate their knowledge to our entire marketing and e-commerce team, broke down silos we had between channels.”

Louisa Blomstrand, Interflora
Head of Marketing and Ecommerce

Avaus Cookbook:
AI in Marketing & Sales for Retail

Download the Cookbook to discover
easy-to-implement recipes to:

  • Promote personalised inspirational content based on purchase history to drive loyalty
  • Target “twins” of loyal customers for
    more effective acquisition
  • Promote premium offerings within
    product categories
  • Increase customers’ basket size with product recommendations
  • Capture the full potential of your customers with personalised top offer recommendations

The Cookbook is your pragmatic guide, filled with powerful use cases to help you tap into the full potential of data and automation.

Results created for our Retail clients

Examples of results generated from using data and automation in a systematic way

  • 32% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • 5% uplift in average weekly basket size (grocery retail case)
  • 22% increase in purchase frequency
  • 800% increase in coupon redemption
  • 5x increased conversion rate using algorithmically defined audiences
  • 100% conversion improvement from algorithmic personalisation (email CTO / CTR)

Capabilities we help our Retail clients establish

  • Customer databases for marketing, sales and service
  • Tech backbones that enable omni-channel orchestration
  • Impact and attribution reporting for marketing and sales
  • Data-driven and customer-centric operating models


Automate at Scale – While Keeping Your Team Sane

There is a challenge ahead for all Nordic and European companies to re-invent themselves for the age of AI to be able to sustain a competitive advantage in their local market. Becoming data-driven is a key priority across industries as it is the most effective approach to grow top-line and improve efficiency.




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Avaus’ methodology can help you

  • Automate manual processes
  • Break down departmental silos
  • Implement up to 50 use cases each year
  • Systematically expand into more channels
  • Improve efficiency by deploying needed capabilities
  • Continuously monitor incremental impact and ROI

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