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About us

Our mission: To foster customer-centricity and help enterprises grow and face the future

We are a transformation partner for enterprises looking to turn their data into business growth, pioneering the development of Generative AI solutions that drive unprecedented value. We support our customers in setting a future-proofed vision for personalised customer experiences, we implement the needed technical, analytical and organisational capabilities, and we help you realise the value of your investments – while pushing you out of your comfort zone.

How can we help you?


We are changemakers

Our mission is to foster customer-centricity and equip organisations with the right capabilities in order for them to grow and face the future. As transformation partners for our customers, we…

  • Advise on how to future-proof capabilities for marketing, sales and services, on how to create intelligence driven growth, and how to organise around the end-customer and results
  • Build new capabilities in experience technologies, Generative AI, data and analytics, and with our cross-competence teams
  • Realise value from investments made in technology and data by working hands-on and side by side to achieve business growth and a data-driven way of working

Where are we going?

Our strategy is to go from being the Nordic Leader to becoming a European forerunner. We are aiming for growth in the local core markets (Finland and Sweden) while expanding into Germany and Italy, supported by our delivery centre in Poland.

Culture Cornerstones

We are company of diverse talent, ranging from data scientists to management consultants, and experience specialists to technology consultants. What we all share is the Avaus culture, embodied in our six culture cornerstones. As an employee, a customer, a partner or someone watching us from afar – you will notice that we care about:



Whether it is preparing a presentation, working on a piece of code or co-creating novel ideas with our customers – we believe that 1+1 is more than 2 when it comes to putting our brains to work.


Ambition and Mastery
We have different skill sets and interest areas, but what we all share is an ambition to excel in our chosen field, to continuously learn more and to broaden our perspectives by learning from each other.


Take Ownership
We take active ownership of the solutions we provide – we are seen as a trustworthy partner due to our agnostic approach, and we take ownership of the solution we recommend or build for our customers.


Human Touch
We are on this earth for a short time only – and besides doing the work that we care about and that matters to us, we care about our work-life balance, and having a creative working environment, both physically and socially.


We are not stiff, and compared to your typical consultancy we are a lot more relaxed to be around. No suits, rather ping-pong and Friday wine lottery. We have fun together, but also include our customers in that fun!


We are a growth company, and we are creating growth for our customers. If our customers are investing in us and not having a positive ROI, we don’t feel happy with our work.  We seek to produce tangible business results or the capabilities to deliver business results in the future.


Our technology partnerships

Learn more about our technology partnerships




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