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9 ways to maximize Voyado for better customer experience and engagement

In the world of customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation, Voyado stands out as a powerful tool and customer experience platform tailored for retailers. By leveraging its full potential you can enhance customer engagement, increase efficiency, optimize the customer journey, and drive sales.

This blog post explores advanced strategies to help you and your company get more out of the Voyado platform. We will guide you through Voyado’s functionalities, all the way from organizing your goals and streamlining operations to enhancing your loyalty programs and personalized marketing.

The Voyado platform is currently built in two main parts or products: Voyado Engage and Voyado Elevate. In short, Voyado Engage is a multichannel marketing platform with endless ways to act on customer data, while Voyado Elevate is a product discovery engine that uses AI to improve your e-commerce site. This blog mainly focuses on the functionality within Engage but touches upon Elevate within the sixth area below.



1. Optimizing Voyado’s impact on business objectives

To secure strategic alignment, ensure Voyado’s capabilities are integrated with your overarching business objectives. Whether you aim to enhance customer loyalty, increase average order values, or improve customer acquisition rates, your Voyado initiatives should be closely linked to these goals.

When the strategic alignment is secured, a natural next step should be to define the KPI-driven strategy. This involves setting specific, measurable KPIs that Voyado can directly influence. These may include customer retention rates, frequency of purchases, and campaign-specific ROI. You can then use analytics to monitor these KPIs and adapt strategies based on the performance.

2. Use Advanced Segmentation for personalized marketing

Voyado offers great segmentation tools that you can utilize to handle complex customer data. With data-driven segmentation, you can tailor marketing efforts based on detailed criteria such as shopping behavior, customer lifecycle stage, and past interactions with your brand. This will enable you to personalize at scale, using Voyado’s capabilities to customize content for different segments dynamically.

You can continuously enrich your customer profiles in Voyado by integrating data from all customer touchpoints. Include data from in-store purchases, online interactions, customer service contacts, and social media engagement to create a 360-degree view of each customer. The tag management allows you to effectively categorize customers based on specific behaviors, preferences, or engagement levels. Voyado also enables rapid testing of different segmentation models directly within the interface, without requiring significant investment of time or money in development.

3. Elevate your Customer Loyalty Programs

Investing in customer loyalty programs goes beyond rewarding repeat purchases. It’s about fostering lasting relationships, driving satisfaction, and nurturing brand advocates. With a strategic approach, Voyado is a great tool to unlock the full potential of loyalty, which can lead to sustained growth and success. Deploying this via their platform will include various functions from customer analytics to customized rewards, tiered loyalty programs, and gamification. Crafting compelling loyalty programs via Voyado can be essential for retail success.

To learn more about how to succeed with your loyalty program, watch this on-demand webinar: Are loyalty programs a waste of money or a cornerstone of success?

4. Boost your Email Effectiveness

Use Voyado’s email optimization tools such as send-time optimization and frequency capping to boost your performance. These features ensure that emails are sent when they are most likely to be opened and that customers do not receive too many emails in a short time, which could lead to unsubscribes.

Voyado also makes it easy for you to A/B test your email campaigns. Use this to experiment with different subject lines, content, and layouts to see what resonates best with your audience. Their platform facilitates a seamless setup of A/B tests, helping you refine your email marketing strategies.

5. Streamline operations with Automation

Utilize Voyado’s marketing automation features to streamline complex marketing campaigns. Automate engagement based on customer actions, such as sending a personalized offer after a customer abandons a shopping cart or a birthday discount. It is simple to create promotions directly within Voyado, for either online or in-store use. These automation efforts support a better customer experience while helping automate routine tasks and workflows within Voyado. This will increase efficiency in your team and give them time to focus on more strategic activities.

6. Take advantage of Voyado Elevate and the AI capabilities

You can use Voyado’s AI-driven, predictive insights to foresee future customer behaviors. This can include predicting the likelihood of a customer making a purchase, their potential lifetime value, or their propensity to churn. Tailor your marketing efforts accordingly to proactively engage with customers at risk, or maximize revenue opportunities.

Voyado also uses AI to generate personalized, automated product recommendations based on individual customer data. This can increase relevance and conversion rates by presenting customers with products that align with their tastes and previous purchasing behavior.

You can start experimenting with the tools offered by Voyado Elevate and build upon what best aligns with your company’s goals. At Avaus, we work extensively with AI in sales and marketing, and we are happy to assist you on your journey forward in this field.

7. Seamless integration across channels and systems

Across channels

To create the best, unified customer experience, integrate Voyado with all your marketing channels and enable multi-channel coordination. This allows you to coordinate messages across email, SMS, social media, and in-store interactions to provide a cohesive and seamless customer experience.

With other systems

Equally important as the channel coordination is the CRM and ERP Integrations (customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning). When getting started, connect Voyado with your key systems, such as the two mentioned above. This will help your data flow seamlessly and guarantee that marketing campaigns are informed by accurate and up-to-date information.

Another integration worth mentioning is with your Point of Sale (POS). Create this integration to enable tracking of in-store purchases in real time. This will help attribute offline sales to online marketing efforts and provide a more complete picture of customer behavior.

8. Ongoing training and development

Voyado consistently prioritizes customer feedback and iterates the platform continuously. With a local presence in the Nordics, they are dedicated to enhancing their platform by actively addressing user needs and consistently introducing new features.

Your organization should commit to ongoing, continuous learning and development to keep pace with Voyado’s updates and new features. Regular training sessions can empower your team to use the platform to its full potential. This is something we are happy to support with as well.

Read how we at Avaus help our clients in retail.


9. Partner to get help

As a trusted partner with operational experience in Voyado and other marketing automation systems, we can assist your company in various areas addressed in this blog post. We also provide analytics and reporting on your results, ensuring that your activities remain strategically aligned with your objectives. But also the sometimes forgotten, but important, structures of control groups.

By employing these strategies, you can transform your Voyado platform from a simple CRM tool into a robust engine driving significant business outcomes. Focused on integrating these advanced tactics into your marketing strategy, Voyado can become a pivotal element in achieving substantial growth and enhanced customer satisfaction.

To educate yourself further, we have several webinars, blogs, and other educational content on topics such as personalization at scale, loyalty programs and Generative AI.

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Good luck – and hope to hear from you soon!

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