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Avaus – Value at speed

With 5+ years joint experience with Salesforce in creating business value Avaus knows that implementing new systems is only the first step and that use case rollout and organisational adoption are the true keys to achieving a successful transformation.   

Our experience means that we know that we can deliver on our promise; We deliver customer value – at speed. Our core offerings are within Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Sales and Service Cloud but we are happy to support our clients in the full suite of services. We know we can achieve our promise and our customers agree with an avg. of 4.3 / 5 in satisfaction score.

The Avaus Salesforce Library & Factory

With 50+ implementations, most in multi-cloud environments Avaus has enough experience to know how to focus on value – we do this through:

  • The Avaus Library – Our combined experience in an easy to access library to be able to not have to reinvent the wheel, with KPI:s and data requirements included
  • The Avaus Factory Approach – Value can only be achieved through quick use case rollout and creating a critical mass of algorithmically created experience. The factory is our way to solve this for you
  • Strategy – we guide our customers on how to grow within the ecosystem and what products make sense in your individual case and with your business objectives.

Cases and experience

Avaus has 50+ full implementations, 50%+ in multi-cloud environments.  Below are two success cases and our blog on what Salesforce can do to help you achieve your business goals.

Contact us

Are you interested to learn more about how we can support with your Salesforce solution, or what upcoming Salesforce events we are planning in a city near you? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Thomas Berg, Avaus Commercial Director.

Thomas Berg

Commercial Director



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