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Postnord – Predictive analytics for B2B

Postnord is in a transformation journey and wanted to unlock potential revenue and enable intelligent business growth across the Nordics. Furthermore, Postnord have a desire to use digital tools and technologies in combination with current business insights to acquire new customers, nurture current customers and prevent churn customers.

Avaus was appointed as a strategic partner to unlock potential revenue and enable intelligent business growth for Postnord across the Nordics. This was done by developing and implementing new data driven business processes, predictive modeling for customer preferences and buying behavior and new way of working.

Duration: Total Pilot 8 Months 

Team size: From Avaus 6 people

Team roles: Strategy consultant, Data scientist, Marketing Automation Specialist, Growth Hacker

Ongoing / Project: Project, ended in March 2019 

Technology stack: SAS, Marketo, Salesforce, Vainu and Bisnode


Postnord and Avaus together defined four different use cases to unlock potential revenue; New Customer Acquisition, Churn Prevention, Onboarding Program for new and inactive customers and Cross/Up-sell. To enable the use cases Avaus developed a script that closed the loop in the data landscape by creating a common ID between SAS, Marketo and Salesforce. The script enabled leads to flow between the three systems and predictive analytics for new and churn customers, lead lifecycle management was ramped up to improve and increase the lead quality for the sales organisation. Additionally, predictive analytics was used to communicate Cross/Up-sell opportunities  to existing customers. Postnord and Avaus initiated a cross-functional way of working between marketing and sales to capitalise on the new technological set-up including weekly meetings and shared reporting.


Avaus and Postnord have successfully implemented an integrated technical backbone removing manual processes, predicting customer preferences and buying behaviour. Furthermore, improving the customer experience by delivering timely and relevant communication and content at scale for customers and prospects. Resulting in significant efficiency gains and increased insights for the marketing and sales organisation.

“Avaus and Postnord have made an exciting journey together where Avaus has contributed with knowledge, thought leadership and result.”

Linda Berg, CFO Strategy & Commercial Excellence



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