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Salesforce Journey Builder – Path Optimisation

We all know that optimising the customer experience is very important to work your way towards a great customer experience which, in turn, leads to better business results. To do real-time tests and tweaks is the most effective way to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Salesforce has released a highly interesting new update in regards to this area. Want to learn more? Keep reading below. 


If you’ve ever been interested in experimenting with email engagement metrics or similar, you can now finally do so in Journey Builder using the Path Optimiser. This essentially means that you can keep the journey running while bringing new entrants via the winning path. Doing this will let you gain both insights and constantly optimise the journey for your customers. 


You will work in the Path Optimiser by running one or several tests in a journey and simply choose the winning paths by not just looking at the content of the message but by also evaluating the engagement level. This is what is often referred to as iterations which are key to optimise successfully across many marketing channels. By doing this you will know what works both well and bad which allows you to try your ideas and get instant results and feedback. Examples of what you can experiment within this case is frequency, content and channel. You can even place several Path Optimiser activities within the same journey if you have different segments, target groups or populations. 


The effects of using the Path Optimiser could have a direct impact on the conversions for your company while simultaneously lowering the churn rate. Avaus has for example in 2019 helped a fashion retailer increase their incremental e-commerce sales by 11%  See graph below for visualisation. 


X-sell campaigns


When you have the process nailed down, either by doing it manually or automatically, you must ensure that all new and future contacts are experiencing their journey through the winning path. Finally, you’ll want to integrate this with the rest of Salesforce CRM to reach new levels of data-driven marketing.


Written by Theodor Bolin


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