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Wärtsilä – Marketing Attribution for complex B2B

Mastering the prediction of marketing contribution and customer touch points by attribution modelling.

One of the biggest challenges B2B marketers still face is measuring marketing attribution. Long sales cycles, a vast amount of touch points and fragmented data are among the main hurdles which make it difficult to prove the effectiveness of marketing activities. As a result, a tool for predicting marketing contribution was developed to help increase customer understanding.


Duration: 2,5 months

Team size: 5 people

Team roles: Strategy consultant, Data Scientist x2, Sr Strat advisor, Sr Analytics advisor

Ongoing / Project: Project

Technology stack: Oracle EDW, SFDC, SF Pardot, AWS


Wärtsilä, like most B2B companies, was struggling to measure marketing contribution to revenue (mROI) and the effectiveness of marketing on sales. Challenges in the ways of working were identified including a lack of a clear process for measuring marketing, gaps in the lead management process and siloed processes between marketing and sales. Challenges also appeared in data gathering and the analysis of results at the strategic level.


First, Avaus helped Wärtsilä to define the use case which included mapping customer journey and touch points, defining ways of working, doing a gap and risk analysis, and setting up the main goals for an attribution model. Second, the data was gathered and analysed in order to build the marketing attribution model.


Measurable business results of marketing were proved and a tool for measuring and predicting marketing contribution was developed. Overall, measurement of marketing activities and their impact was improved.

“They learn real fast, so they can digest complex value propositions quickly and start to produce results.

Our partnership with Avaus goes way beyond the usual consultancy advice: they are a big support piece of our day-to-day activities. They have a bright and tech-savvy team that is not afraid of hands-on implementation, so whether the task of the day requires coding, graphical design or strategic planning, they can do it and do it well. What I appreciate most – they learn real fast, so they can digest complex value propositions quickly and start to produce results.”


Jaime Lopez, Manager, Sales Enablement & Development at Wärtsilä


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