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Atlas Copco – Global roll-out of Marketing Automation

Atlas Copco struggled to show  marketing impact on the sales pipeline and wanted to ramp up internal digital capabilities. Avaus was chosen as the strategic partner to implement marketing automation, integrate the marketing automation platform with the current techstack and onboard and enable a total of 24 markets globally. The client learned that sales and marketing alignment is crucial for successful digital engagement.

The project has resulted in a strong partnership between Atlas Copco and Avaus, where Avaus’ role has evolved into a strategic advisor and enabler of Atlas Copco’s marketing transformation. Atlas Copco is plowing new ground and rolling out a data-driven approach to campaigns and content creation. After setting processes for planning, implementation, testing and optimisation, Atlas Copco is already showing impact on revenue.

Duration: Since 2016

Team size: 3 people

Team roles: Managing Consultant, Senior and Junior Marketing Automation specialists

Ongoing / project: Ongoing

Technology stack: Adobe, Marketo


Atlas Copco struggled to prove its marketing effectiveness. With low digital marketing maturity, Atlas Copco was facing challenges with a collective approach to campaign execution and unsatisfactory return on marketing investment. Adding to this, content was identified as a bottleneck.  Relevant content to address the needs of the target audience in the right channels was lacking.


Marketing automation technology was implemented to increase marketing efficiency. Avaus supported the client with an internal knowledge ramp-up, coupled with marketing & sales alignment to set a campaign structure that could contribute to growth targets. A content creation plan was set up to serve the target audience with relevant content.


Marketing automation technology has been  implemented successfully, including features such as lead scoring, lifecycle management, nurturing and email templates. A process for onboarding and competence development within digital marketing has been launched to ensure that Atlas Copco can grow sustainably with its own resources.  Second, a lead handover process was defined and agreed to enable efficient lead follow-up. Lastly, key users were trained for the support of internal knowledge transfer.

Next steps

Avaus is now integrating Atlas Copco’s marketing automation platform with their existing techstack to enable full-funnel campaign metrics and seamless handover of leads between Marketing and Sales. With the integration Sales have access to a 360° view of customer engagement to drive data-driven sales supported by Marketing.


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Claire Geffroy, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Atlas Copco

“Global Marketing Automation Roll-out: Taking the first steps towards Datadriven sales”

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