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Telia Sweden’s CVM Organization optimization

Productivity Improvement

Telia Sweden had already piloted new martech tools, including a customer data platform (CDP) and marketing automation, but they were realizing that their organization needed to cater to increased demands and higher output volumes.
They turned to Avaus, their long-time strategic partner, for help in
future-proofing their customer value management (CVM) organization.

The Importance of an External Perspective

Piero Trivellato, Chief Digital and Analytics Officer for Telia Sweden, emphasised the importance of getting an external perspective when working with sensitive topics such as skill assessment, organizational design, and strategic workforce planning. “We needed a partner who could help us to future-proof the organization’s CVM and create a more scalable and future-proofed organization.” says Piero.

The Three Phases of the Project

Working with Avaus, the Telia Sweden CVM leadership team went through an 8 week project that included:

  1. A standardized skill assessment survey that was conducted across the entire CVM organization
  2. Identification of productivity blockers and comparison to productivity benchmarks
  3. Recommendations for how to improve productivity (including iterated role descriptions, identification of processes with improvement potential as well as needs for upskilling and reskilling)


The Outcomes of the Project

As an outcome of the project, the Telia CVM organization:

  1. Improved organizational productivity
  2. Got better role alignment, attuned to the needs of personalization at scale
  3. Have a plan in place for upskilling the team towards a more future-proofed skill profile




“Avaus helped us to identify the missing piece of the puzzle and ensure that we had the right competencies in place to determine who was best suited for each role.”


Piero Trivellato, Telia Sweden

Avaus Library of Best Practice Assets accelerating progress


Thanks to Avaus’ library of best practice assets, methodologies, and pragmatic tools, the Telia team was able to act on the productivity plan after 8 weeks after starting. Avaus used the templated approaches to arrive at discussing implications and implementation of the recommendations faster than would have been possible without the assets used, leaving more time for alignment and ensuring that execution happens. 



“Our partnership with Telia Sweden on these critical topics underscores the value of our strategy of assetizing key components of creating scalable data driven results. This approach allowed us to yet again accelerate progress for our clients and focus more time on solving for how to ensure change happens, rather than just solving the problem. It was gratifying to see the significant improvements in productivity and role alignment that Telia Sweden achieved through this CVM organization transformation, and we are proud to have been part of this success story.”

Emma Storbacka, Group CEO of Avaus

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