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LOT Airlines – Implementing Adobe solutions for a world-class customer experience

Implementing Adobe Campaign and Target and developing key use cases to ramp up LOT’s Martech usage and optimize ROI

During the spring and summer of 2020 Avaus and LOT Airlines worked closely together to drastically improve the marketing technology stack and customer experience at LOT. The turbulent situation in the industry required the project to be flexible and smart about resources and timelines, something that was achieved through a great partnership.

Project: Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target implementation

Technology stack: Adobe Experience Cloud

Duration: 4 months

Team size: 7 people

Team roles: Project manager, Business consultant, Architect, System specialist, Developer (front and back end)




  • Legacy marketing technology system in place with high costs yets limited capabilities and collaboration possibilities
  • No possibility to scale up communications, personalization and overall customer experience due to basic tasks in data management and marketing technology being extremely time-consuming


  • Selecting suitable marketing technology solutions
  • Developing a future proofed, company wide, architecture for customer data and technology
  • Implementing Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target for smooth and scalable customer interaction
  • Implementing a set of use cases prioritized by business value and urgency

Results (Impact)

  • Architecture and customer data model established and deployed with LOT
  • Successfully implemented marketing technology tools and decommission of legacy tools
  • Required channels and integrations were configured, tested and deployed
  • Completed implementation of relevant use cases to ramp up tool usage, secure a rapid ROI, and massively improve the current customer experience


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