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Wärtsilä Energy – Website audit with recommendations on data, content & UX in six weeks

“We now have very concrete next steps for development” – website audit for Wärtsilä Energy with prioritized recommendations on data, content, and user experience in six weeks


Just as the Christmas holiday season was about to start, Wärtsilä Energy marketing and Avaus gathered around a video call to discuss the scope of a website audit and potential collaboration.  


“We sent out an RFP to several agencies, and Avaus was added to that group as a colleague of mine recommended them. Although an RFP covers most of our needs, it is always easier to understand how our objectives and external expertise line up when we have the chance to discuss it in more detail. That Avaus suggested having a call certainly helped the quality of the proposal and ultimately the project outcomes”, says Johanna Issakainen, Digital Marketing Manager at Wärtsilä Energy.  


Having finalized the scope in January – covering content performance, SEO, user experience, accessibility, content and site structure – work began in mid-February with kick-off focusing on business objectives.  


“We like Avaus’ approach: it combines the analysis of data, this tells us where to look more closely, and a human touch, this again ensures the customer perspective. As a result we have a well-rounded, outside-in picture of the website. With this approach Avaus produced a very thorough list of both observations and recommendations. Particularly, the almost 100-page report on content and user experience produced by Laura will keep us busy”, adds Issakainen with a smile.   


“It was a pleasure to work with Johanna and her colleagues. Throughout the project, it felt easy to discuss the findings and ask more questions – both in our weekly meetings and in between these”, comments Laura Håkansson, Experience Orchestration Consultant at Avaus.  


Already during the six-week project, some recommendations were implemented.  


“When you look at the data of a website, using tools such as Semrush, Screaming Frog and naturally, Google Analytics, it’s quite fast that you get an overall view of the well-performing and development areas of a website. Together with Wärtsilä Energy marketing we decided to turn on additional data gathering techniques already within a couple of weeks”, says Nico Lönnqvist, Experience Orchestration Consultant at Avaus.  


The project findings were documented on multiple levels, ranging from the strategic and summary-level to the this-screenshot-describes-our-recommendation-in-detail -layer.  


“We now feel that we have very concrete next steps for all of the areas of the website – content, structure, SEO and data – that we were looking for. What we are particularly happy about is that the recommendations were grouped according to levels of importance and urgency. Our direction is clear, now we know where to focus”, concludes Issakainen.

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