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Customer Value Management Team Productivity Leap

The Collaboration between Avaus and a large Nordic Telecom operator has been ongoing since 2018. “Avaus has for a long time been the clients’ strategic partner when it comes to creating data-driven customer experiences and raising the levels of automation,” says Emma Storbacka, CEO at Avaus.


The client was looking to implement a pilot to roll out a customer data platform (CDP) in their marketing automation capabilities across all their business areas, but they found that the skill sets and processes in place today weren’t ideal for scaling up rapidly.


That’s when the client turned to Avaus to help them to future-proof the organisation’s customer value management (CVM). Since then, they’ve grown from a few automated journeys and use cases to hundreds. This coincided with an external focus on post-efficiency, a boost in productivity, and organisational design.


The Missing Piece of the Puzzle


There was a tinge of frustration at the telecom operator for being unable to maximise the use of all of their great data and tools. Therefore, they considered the possibility of re-designing the customer value organisation, but they were unsure how to do so.


The client started seeing a few challenges, such as identifying responsibilities and feeling perpetually busy due to meeting coordination and check-ins that were vague for the team members. Furthermore, the lack of the right competencies in place for the team created difficulties in determining who is best suited for the role.


The CVM team creates automated revenue and margin-driving activities that are personalised and tailored to customers’ needs. This team has a wide skill set, including expertise in data & analytics, content, and MarTech, which involves using the technologies and ensuring that they function together properly. Avaus has ensured that our client has the best skills in the right places to be able to get the most out of their data and achieve their potential.


Our client has learned a lot about the keys to productivity, and their next challenge is to scale their operating model and codify assets so that they can be transferred across the market.


The company is now in a position to learn more about productivity approaches, what the future proven skill set is, and how to become experts in the CVM domain. This is all thanks to an enriched library of best practice assets in place, methodologies, and pragmatic planning based on hands-on experience from our experts in Avaus.


A Fast Track to Results


Our client, the nordic telecom operator, started seeing the outcomes of its collaboration with Avaus nearly right away. Improvements in role descriptions, clarification of responsibilities, some organizational tweaks, combining certain competencies, and reducing the number of tribes are among the most visible actions that have taken place immediately.


“Avaus has validated these results and may have added some more flavour, tools, or recommendations that they would not have been able to do on their own, and I believe they enjoy the fact that Avaus was moving the process along on tight timelines,” explains Emma.


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