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Top 5 takeaways from Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022

The goal for most organisations today is to become data-driven, but why is it necessary to become data-driven at scale? Emma Storbacka, the CEO of Avaus explained: “Your customers are forcing you. They expect organisations to be relevant, omnichannel, automated, and personalised.”


The main point of Avaus Expert Talks 2022 was how to lead personalisation initiatives by numbers across marketing, sales, and services. Emma highlighted that in order to scale, a stable balance between results orientation, customer centricity, and operational efficiency is needed.


The agenda was full to the brim of industry experts and thought leaders who shared both inspirational and hands-on recommendations on how to tackle this challenge – and below you can find 5 of the most appreciated highlights:


Lena Lindgren, Telia


Lena Lindgren, Telia at Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022

Lena Lindgren @ Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022


Telia’s transformation from a traditional Telco to a data-driven digital company has delivered excellent results, according to Lena, Head of CVM and Analytics at Telia. She outlined some of the data and technology processes required for Telia to personalise and improve customer meetings and experiences across multiple channels.


Telia uses MarTech to overarch all channels and collect data from all different channels and internal systems through the Customer Data Platform (CDP), where all external and internal data is collected, analysed through the audience and message mapping, and finally, activated – allowing Telia to make the best communication decisions possible – Lena explains.


The key learning shared by Lena were:

  • “Divide the elephant into pieces” and build for scale
  • Make many mistakes. There is no playbook you need to try and learn
  • Quickly create a success story to boost motivation in the team
  • Pick your star team based on competence and attitude, not roles on paper


Download videos + presentation slides here


Johan Gertell, Mathem


Johan Gertell, Mathem at Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022

Johan Gertell @ Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022


Johan walked us through Mathem’s journey to becoming a tech company, as well as what they do with data and how they automate it. “Mathem is in the convenience business.” From digital promises to physical delivery, he highlighted four key areas: delivery offering, sustainability, assortment, and shopping experience.

Johan also talked about some fields that in the near future will benefit from algo; including offers & campaigns, forecasting of demand, and seamless shopping experience. He walked us through Mathem’s customer life cycle, explaining how they work differently at each stage — from acquisition to revival — and how Mathem is attempting to create habits and get that habit going.


Download videos + presentation slides here


Tuomas Airisto, Sanoma Media


Tuomas Airisto, Sanoma Media at Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022

Tuomas Airisto @ Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022


Tuomas spoke on what Sanoma is doing as a publisher and how a data-driven way of working will change how companies address their customers in paid media.


He took us through what Sanoma has done to compete, serve, and succeed in the digital market, which is more regulated and no longer allows third-party cookies:

  • Using marketer’s first-party data – custom CRM-audience
  • Utilising advertiser segmentation
  • Advertisers tailored target groups and content contexts


If you want to learn more about how Sanoma is leveraging data and automation to bring efficiency into their sales and marketing processes, keep watching the video.


Download videos + presentation slides here


Tricia Weener, KONE


Tricia Weener, KONE at Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022

Tricia Weener @ Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022


Tricia’s fantastic presentation, in which she explained KONE’s transformation in marketing and sales to drive growth and create a recognised competitive advantage and explained the  quite fundamental to why they are looking at investing more into marketing & sales and why they realised that is key to being an advantage for them moving forward.


KONE’s strategic ambition is to drive sustainable success with their customers. Tricia emphasised two essential points in this regard:

  • KONE’s commitment to sustainability in all of its operations.
  • Expanding the scope of business with customers through value-added solutions.


Keep watching the video if you are curious to learn more about how renewing marketing & sales can create a competitive advantage through Marketing Sales Renewal Program, Futureproofing Marketing & Comms, and ongoing sales development.


Download videos + presentation slides here


Ted Schönbeck, Google Cloud Sweden


Ted Schönbeck, Google Cloud Sweden at Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022

Ted Schönbeck @ Avaus Expert Talks Stockholm 2022


“Successful AI is not about man AGAINST machine – it is about man TOGETHER with the machine” – Ted Schönbeck, Head of Cloud Technology at Google Cloud in Sweden mentioned.


Ted highlighted three points that show how businesses are forced to adapt to changes in customer behaviour & expectations:

  • The shift to digital transforms the customer relationship
  • Customer experience has never seen a higher priority
  • The increasing value of personalisation


Download videos + presentation slides here


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