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Avaus COVID-19 Response Digest for Marketers #10: The Best of Spring 2020

Dear friends of Avaus,

It has been quite a spring, I must say. As we have watched the entire world slow down, stay at home and recalibrate for a new reality, we have been lucky enough to have great customers and great partners around us.

Some of you have had a hard time during this spring, and some of you have seen rapid growth and increased demand due to the pandemic. The fact that many companies have taken this opportunity to stop and think about how they can leverage their existing technologies and data sources for better results is something that warms our hearts. There’s a silver lining to everything, and for us the intensity and speed by which digitalisation has ramped up in the past months across the world, will surely bring a lot of demand for our services in data, automation and using those capabilities for creating business results. We look forward to delivering more digital sales, more efficiency, more customer centricity and more omnichannel activation in the years to come!


On a personal note, I’m thankful for the fact that this spring has provided a platform to slow down, travel less, and focus on crystallising how we want to create value for our customers at an even higher speed and greater precision in the future.


I’m also very proud of our experts and consultants who have generously been writing and publishing our recommendations for marketers and sales professionals alike, in a set of webinars, trainings and blog posts (see below). All of it is relevant still this fall, and in the years to come when you are seeking advice on how to become more data-driven and efficient.


On behalf of all of us at Avaus – Have a fantastic summer and see you in August,

Emma Storbacka


And here’s a pick of our thoughts throughout the crisis – How to respond in times of upheaval and drastic changes in customer behaviour:


Current customers


  • Blog: Ensuring Customer Profitability in a downturn

    Marketing organisations are by default primed for customer acquisition. The downturn will require focus to be reset on classic CRM strategies: Up- and cross-selling, along with retention and profitability management. If you still are not fully geared for this, this is an opportunity to propel your marketing organisation towards fully-fledged data- and customer-centricity.



Increase automation



  • Blog: Improving your content process – a 5 step approachThe content management process is often one of the most underdeveloped marketing processes in large enterprises – and one of the costliest. With increasing demands on personalisation, now is the time to address your content inefficiencies.




Use of 1st party data






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