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Avaus Expert Talks

Events & materials on improving marketing efficiency by utilising data and automation

Future-proof Europe by leveraging data and automation

Europe has historically had a strong record on sustainability and inclusion, with a mixed picture on growth. Corporate Europe is falling behind, as tech weakness permeates sectors. The value at stake is high, not only for growth, but also for sustainability, inclusion and Europe’s strategic autonomy. European decision-makers and companies need to go on the offensive, for a step change on technological capabilities and competitiveness.

So, how do we manage this crisis?

At Avaus Expert Talks, we talk about a bright future combining good values with great growth. But we also talk about the dark side of digitalization, for example what happens to the people whose jobs and tasks can and will be automated. We give you good examples and best practices of how to leverage data and automation – and in the long run secure Europe’s competitiveness.

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Transformation paths and significant success stories of Avaus customers ICA, Finnair, McDonalds, Wärtsilä, and many more.


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Previous AETs - 2021


1. B2B Sales Trends 2021

How to automate your sales processes & add more data driven decisioning? Introducing 7 pragmatic first steps to become data driven revenue organisation & to help you get started on your journey towards data driven operations.


2. What every CMO should know about Data

What data is relevant for marketing & sales and what gives data predictive power and why?
Introduction to the key elements you need to know to build a result and data driven marketing & sales engine.


3: The Data Driven Marketing Operating Model

Watch to hear what increasing your automation level by 100x will require from your organizational design and operating model & What competencies you need in the future.


4: Algo Operations – How to scale up your algorithmic marketing

How to make sure that your Data & Analytics unit can keep delivering as much value as possible while scaling up & the top 5 key accelerators to help your organisation to scale.

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5: Customer Data Platform: Best practices & use cases

Use case centricity is an undervalued area that is often disabling business value captured. This session will help navigating through all the hype, buzzwords and acronyms.


6: Accelerate the use of data, AI and automation in B2B sales & marketing in 2022

How to develop the capabilities needed to automate and personalize customer interactions – at scale and speed. We will share our insights on how to build a marketing-led and data-driven “revenue engine” that will create adaptive and automated sales models and engage the “everywhere customer”.


7. Automate at scale – While keeping your team sane

As a leader looking to become data driven, you must not forget about your team who might be struggling to keep up with the change.
How marketing, sales and cx leaders can create clarity for teams working with increasing digital and data driven intensiveness.


8: What every Marketing & Sales executive should know about Privacy

Watch to hear all about the privacy-first approach and the key focus areas for Top Management to pay attention to. With our guest speakers from Dottir and Wärtsilä, we discuss how to foster a privacy-friendly atmosphere and culture in the organisation.

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