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Avaus announces avausGPT with purpose to “supercharge” consultancy deliveries

Avaus, the leading Nordic consultancy boutique specializing in marketing, sales and service automation through data and AI, is proud to announce the upcoming release of avausGPT. This state-of-the-art AI model was trained based on Avaus’ documented experience and best practices in supporting enterprises to become data-driven. It will begin being used for client deliveries starting in May.


With the recent release and popularization of LLMs (Large Language Models), Avaus is taking the next step in its strategy to offer standardized transformational processes for enterprises to become data-driven. With avausGPT, the Avaus team’s ability to drive data-driven transformation initiatives for their clients will improve even further, allowing clients to streamline processes, automate tasks and upskill their organizations faster and more efficiently than ever before.


“We see that the traditional consultancy business model has a tendency to reinvent the wheel for every client, leading to unsatisfactory results in complex domains such as data-driven transformation,” says Emma Storbacka, CEO at Avaus. “We have systematically documented our 15+ years of experience in customer data, marketing technologies and change management into internal libraries, assets and delivery handbooks, used to deliver a risk-mitigated and results-oriented journey towards becoming data-driven, called the Avaus Factory approach. AvausGPT is now being trained on all of this data in a compliant way.”


As a first step, avausGPT will make sure that all of Avaus’ extensive knowledge and experience is available for all of its consultants and, via them, all of its clients. The technology will support, not replace, human advice-giving and decision-making, and it will benefit both consultants and clients, quality-proofing and speeding-up processes. The tool will be publicly released on 11 May at Avaus Expert Talks in Stockholm.


The vision for avausGPT is to support Avaus in being an AI-proofed advisory service business, with a commercial model developed towards more output and value-based pricing. While the technology is still new and the application areas are being explored, avausGPT has already been used by some of Avaus’ consultants to create better value and insights into the client projects they are running.


“This is only the first step, the potential for scaling the knowledge Avaus has in new types of services is endless. A technology turning point has occurred, driven by generative AI and cloud computing,” says Eldar Terzic, newly appointed CTO at Avaus. “The Avaus team currently working on this, is excited about the possibilities. AvausGPT will provide a streamlined process that will automate tasks, allowing our consultants to spend even more time on the really important topics, such as managing and driving large-scale change or upskilling the client leadership teams.”


To improve the avausGPT model further, Avaus has launched a Generative AI Trainee Program. All of Avaus’ employees have taken part in training the initial release of the model, but to further train and refine it, a group of new hires will be made over the summer months. Avaus is looking for people with curiosity, as well as structured, strategic thinking and writing skills. No technical skills are required to take part in training the model, making it a great upskilling opportunity for anyone seeking to future-proof their career.


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About Avaus: Avaus is a transformational partner for companies that want to become truly data-driven and customer-centric, ready to grow and face the future. The team consists of 130+ experts in Data and Analytics and Customer Engagement Technologies. Avaus’ offices are located in Stockholm, Helsinki, Munich, Gdansk and Milan.

For additional information, please contact:
Emma Storbacka, CEO,
Eldar Terzic, CTO,
Paola Banegas, Head of ​​Talent Acquisition, 



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