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Avaus Factory

Automation at scale for undeniable impact in marketing & sales

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Every company is struggling to create tangible business results from their data. Avaus Factory is your solution to this problem.

Avaus Factory combines a tested methodology & a scalable technology platform to swiftly steer your company onto the path of data-led growth. With our proprietary work models, Plan & Prioritize framework, and experienced team, we can deliver undeniable business results while growing your data competence. Start your journey towards your target automation level!

Your company is unique. Your problems are not.


Once upon a time, there was a global logistics company with problems in their upsell. They dominated their market, and even their competitors used their services. The company, however, had a problem. Because of their market dominance, they had countless customers but no means for personalised communication to reduce churn or create upsell. With great size comes great problems.

Avaus and the company evaluated the situation in the Avaus Factory Plan & Prioritise – process. This allowed both parties to assess the problem, and quickly identify the business case and best end-to-end use cases to fix it. As a result, in just six weeks the Avaus Factory team and the customer stakeholders were aligned around the problem and had a viable plan to tackle it. The factory team together with the customer rolled up their sleeves and got to work!

The process evaluated the fit of Avaus Factory to customer technology and business landscape, revealing critical pain points and blockers for success. Practical solutions turned into tangible business results, and the Factory team tackled the next prioritised use case.


Avaus Factory library consists of 300+ best-practice use cases that combine our 13-year industry experience in creating impact. Our most popular use cases help our customers:

  • Make marketing higly efficient & personalized
  • Identify potential and execute upsell & cross-sell
  • Reduce churn and create traction
This is how we do it

Factory Methodology

Our dedicated Factory team provides a cross-functional squad of industry experts and top professionals to closely align around your business case. We have our roots in close to two decades of MarTech & Data consulting and know our business. Our unique Factory Methodology and Solution Library is the result of this combined experience.

Every Factory customership starts with a proprietary Plan & Prioritize phase that aims to evaluate the fit of the Factory to your business and technology environment. After that, we’re ready to start working to improve your business through prioritised end-to-end use cases.

As we measure our impact, we iterate the work in close collaboration towards increasing benefits & business impact. Need to press the gas or take things a bit slower? Our solution scales with your needs.

This is how we do it

Factory Platform

Avaus Factory platform brings our methodology to life and connects with your current MarTech-stack and data solutions.

With our technology platform, we build a scalable technical foundation that efficiently runs your use cases at speed and scale. For agile and on-point delivery, we utilise our proprietary components and tailor them to your needs.

Our solution is built on Google Cloud Platform to provide world-class Cloud, Data and ML Capabilities. Our platform is conveniently delivered as a complete turn-key solution or as a self-managed GCP alternative.

The fastest road to your data-led future

We know from experience that endless streams of PoC:s do not change a culture or deliver sustainable business results. Our Factory approach combines the right methods, technological capabilities and a culture built on mutual learning. With our experience and Avaus Factory, we help to steer your company to the right path.


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