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Cookbook with 50 Recipes to Speed Up AI Uptake

Media Release 7.11.2019


Avaus bakes a tasty cake with data:

Cookbook with 50 Recipes to Speed Up AI Uptake

Ai in marketing and sales cookbook Avaus

Emma Storbacka, Avaus CEO

Analytics, data and martech consultancy Avaus launches a cookbook with detailed advice for companies that want to improve marketing competitiveness with Artificial Intelligence. The book contains 50 recipes and provides tools for everyone working within sales, marketing and customer relations.


According to Avaus CEO Emma Storbacka, everyone is talking about AI, but still, very few are deploying it. She believes that companies already can achieve both top-line growth and competitive advantage with AI. “We have been working in earnest with smart algorithms since 2015. The cookbook is our take on how to take the first AI-steps”, says Storbacka. “We have had a team with 20 people writing the recipes. This cookbook also documents the lessons we have learned with our customers.”

Storbacka says that, in brief, all successful companies will apply advanced algorithmics in most of their core processes. Enterprises should learn from Youtube, Facebook, Spotify and Netflix and how they continuously develop new algorithms and fine-tune the old.


Start small, then scale up 


Avaus Chief Analytics officer, Ola Ottoson, says that these recipes should be chosen based on business potential. They are pilot blueprints that enable companies to evaluate their next steps. If initial results satisfy, you start scaling up. “Our recommendations range from product recommendations to media spend optimisation,” says Ottoson. “Our cookbook demonstrates the broad scope of AI use cases today. It is just a matter of kicking off.”

Ottoson says all the recipes are possible to implement with your present team, without the support of external consultants. “But of course we are always ready to give a helping hand.” he adds without hesitation.


The Avaus Cookbook can be downloaded here

Download The Avaus Cookbook



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