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Seth Godin to Keynote Avaus Marketing Innovations Event in Stockholm 24.1

Marketing guru Seth Godin will address a business audience of 900 on January 24th at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm. Seth Godin, the author of dozens of best-selling books in marketing and leadership, will be the keynote at Avaus Marketing Innovations’ private luncheon. Godin will discuss the marketer’s need to rethink their customer relationships based on principles of strong respect for customers and their integrity.


Throughout his writing career, Godin has been an industry contrarian, advocating marketing practices that foster relationships with customers based on equality, respect and humility. He coined the term “interruption marketing”, to describe bad marketing practices that ultimately disrespect the customer. Godin’s mission has been to persuade some of the most powerful companies in the world to reinvent their customer relationships and start practicing “permission marketing”, based on mutual consent and respect.

When I introduce myself as a writer, my fellow passengers immediately want to engage in discussions with me. When I add that I am also a marketer, they want to change seats.” Experiences like this, continue to motivate Godin to continue rewriting the rulebook of corporate marketing, he says.

Godin’s ultimate argument is simple and radical: Advertising just doesn’t work as it used to – there’s simply too much of it and people ignore it, especially online.

Seth Godin got me into marketing in the first place“, says Swedish Country Manager Emma Storbacka who was inspired by Godin’s book Permission Marketing as a business school student. “So it’s super cool to host Seth here in Stockholm, in front of our clients and co-workers.

Many of the marketing principles and practices advocated by Seth Godin since the 90s have been adopted into the mainstream. “And actually, the new EU regulatory GDPR framework has a lot in common with Godin’s principles”, says Storbacka.

Seth Godin will speak at the Avaus Luncheon on the 24th at the Waterfront Centre at 12.00. Lunch invitations are still available for Press, Avaus Customers and selected members of the marketing community. If you wish to join us, please contact us asap.

Avaus Marketing Innovations is a leading digital marketing and technology company in the Nordics. Avaus provides clients with Agile Marketing Teams combining analytics and technology skills with marketing and growth hacking. The company builds marketing platforms and drives ongoing marketing programs. The company has offices in Stockholm, Helsinki and Gdansk.


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