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NORD DDB and Avaus launches strategic partnership

Avaus is thrilled to announce that we have started a cooperation with NORD DDB.

We have signed a cooperation agreement with NORD DDB, to formally deepen our already successful partnership. We at Avaus work with increasing marketing and sales efficiency with the help of data and automation, and NORD DDB is a leader within the creative, communications and branding business. Our joint customer list includes McDonald’s – a client that has had a long-term and successful collaboration with both partners.


“Today, data and automation is a necessity for all large companies and not only a differentiator in itself – it is rather about who uses it the best. Avaus is incredibly skilled at implementing and driving business value out of technology, but it is the interplay between data and creative output that creates the x-factor that ultimately does make the difference. This is why we are a good match. Together we can create value for our customers”, says Andreas Dahlqvist, CEO at NORD DDB.


Our cooperation is focused on customer challenges that both parties encounter. A typical customer challenge is how to be able to create more personalised branded content in multiple channels, without increasing production costs and complexity.


“Data and automation are a vital part of organisational transformation journeys and in these ecosystems, the need for creative communication has increased. Our and NORD DDB’s joint ambition is to continue to build seamless interfaces, where system development meets communication development – and where data jacks into creativity to create increased marketing and sales efficiency for our customers”, says Emma Storbacka, CEO at Avaus.


The collaboration officially begins with a joint seminar on the theme “Content Automation” 21 February. 

Register for the event here.

Avaus has 135 experts in data, analysis, marketing, technology and strategy distributed over offices in Stockholm, Helsinki, Munich, Gdansk and Milan.

NORD DDB has 300 employees and their offices are located in Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen. The agency works cross-functionally and fully integrated within all marketing disciplines.





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