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Two strategic priorities on most executive agendas today are the desire to increase personalisation while also becoming more efficient through automation within marketing and sales budgets.

The pandemic years have made these two priorities even more important as people have shifted to digital channels and the current economic insecurity is putting pressure on budgets.

In order to reach the full potential of both personalisation and automation, you need to look into new ways to work with content. Content production and distribution are rapidly becoming the number one blockers for scaling up the personalisation and automation levels.

Watch on demand to understand why content automation is becoming a hot topic and how to get started.

Key learnings from this event

  • Why is content automation a key challenge for personalisation and automation?
  • Important considerations when getting started?
  • How have McDonald’s (Food Folk Nordics) and Elkjøp initiated their content automation journeys?


Who is this for?

  • CMO / CDO
  • Personalisation / Transformation leaders
  • Head of content / Creative 
  • Head of Brand
  • Head of Marketing Automation / Martech 
  • Head of Loyalty


Kim Bagdonas Jørgensen

“Content Automation – Vision, Value, Volume”

Nordic Head of Digital, Media & CRM at McDonald’s

Kim is the Nordic Head of Digital, Media & CRM for McDonald’s, responsible for all Digital, CRM and Media related areas & elements.

Kim has strong experience from the media industry in Denmark and the UK and he has an extensive list of nominations and awards in the industry competitions up his sleeve.

Hear McDonald’s themselves on how they got started on their content automation journey and what their key learnings are so far.


Fabian Hilden

“How to prepare for content automation and the opportunities ahead”

Creative Automation Expert at NORD DDB

Fabian is a Creative Automation Expert and a Transformation executionist that help companies to capture their greatest opportunities, drive growth as well as respond to challenges. He brings great experience in moving brands and teams from a traditional setup to a desired state. With a great understanding of bridging data and content, developing design structures to fit a modern media landscape, and the importance of evolving job management and cultivating mindset. Bridging communication and production with new structures, tech, and changed behaviors. From urgent improvement to complex restructuring, from risk mitigation to accelerated transformation and future proofing, with a street smart approach.


Staffan Slörner

“Case study Elkjøp Partner Marketing”

Senior Client Director at NORD DDB

Staffan is the Senior Client Director at NORD DDB leading some of the Nordic clients such as Elkjøp. He has broad experience in communications and has worked as a manager within the client side, media agency, and production company. He has also been responsible for and participated in several joint committees for the Advertisers Industry. Staffan has multiple awards in both creativity and impact.


Petter Mollberg Fagring

“Case study Elkjøp Partner Marketing”

Head of Studio at NORD DDB

Petter is heading up the communications design department at NORD DDB. He shares insight and learnings from the development of Elkjøp Nordic’s atomic design system, and how a functional design system is your best friend when building up a large, dynamic and scalable production hub, ready for personalization.


Ville Takala

“Why content automation should be on your executive agenda”

Strategy Competence Lead at Avaus

Ville is the Strategy Competence Lead at Avaus Helsinki. He has several years of experience in data-driven transformations across industries, with a particular interest in understanding the strategic building blocks that enable data-driven growth over the long-term. In this session, Ville shares insights about one of these building blocks – telling the story of content automation, what it is and why it matters to companies today.