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Avaus Establishes Tech Centre in Poland

Avaus Marketing Innovations Oy launches a Technology Centre in Gdansk, Poland. The fast growing Avaus is looking for new recruits, especially among marketing technology and analytics specialists. The newly appointed technology team lead Jakub Dabkowski comes with a solid background in the marketing technology industry.

Marketing technology investments are growing faster than any other IT-segment, according to market intelligence provider IDC. Put to the right use, new technologies help companies deliver a better customer experience. Customer experience advantages are today competitive advantages, says Dabkowski. He claims that Poland has the largest marketing related IT-specialist talent pool in Europe.

Tuomo Räsänen, the COO of Avaus says Avaus needs to build up the delivery muscle for large enterprise marketing solutions. Our customers are increasingly global, and Poland gives us scalability while preserving our agility, says Räsänen.

One new major Avaus client requires a team of a dozen new specialists. So far we have been able to attract the best specialists in the industry, but as we are growing, our domestic talent market seems to be drying up. We attract better Polish talent in a shorter time, says Räsänen.

Avaus Marketing Innovations has grown year-on-year more than 40% for the last five years. The company recently opened an office in Stockholm. The estimated turnover for FY 2015 is 9 million euros.

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