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Mobile app-hacking for 020202 Taxi



  • Book all taxis from one single platform


Project objective

  • Support rapid growth after launch by quickly understanding user experience related possibilities and issues 



  • How to find the right tools for understanding user behaviour before download and inside app?
  • How to make sure our app store content is optimized?
  • How to fix retention from day 0?
  • How to orchestrate growth hacking process in multi-agency environment?
  • How to understand pain points in user experience via analytics?


Avaus helped 02 to find the best tools to support their business and user experience

  • Creating the analytics framework and event hierarchy
  • Help orchestrating growth hacking process in multi-agency and cross competence organization model
  • Create ASO strategy
  • Implement automate in-app dialogue models and notifications
  • Provide analytics and insight on weekly basis to multiple teams

Results so far

60% order conversion boost with automated in-app dialogues 

35% boost in user retention with automated in-app dialogues

Winning competition in app store already in early phase of launch

“Solid analytics setup has helped quickly identify possible bottlenecks in user journey” -Customer



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