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Telia’s path to Content Automation: Boosting efficiency and personalization



Telia, a leading Nordic Telecom and TV services provider, had set out to transform its marketing content creation and distribution process and partnered with Avaus to set the direction and get the foundation in place. This would support an overall business strategy focused on increased operational efficiency and delivering more personalized interactions with customers and prospects.

Traditional ways of working often meant making each email, ad, and other type of content asset from scratch (e.g. where 100 email versions require 100 separate emails). This was slow, hard to scale, and limited Telia’s ability to deliver personalized experiences at scale and across channels.


Therefore, Telia leaned toward using data, automation, and AI more effectively in content creation and distribution. This involved breaking down content types into smaller parts and then using templates and customer insights to automatically assemble emails and other types of multi-asset content outputs.

To demonstrate what results could be achieved as well as create a positive buzz internally, Telia started its content automation journey by piloting a use case focused on personalizing TV and movie recommendations to customers based on their viewing data.


The pilot included:

  • Insight generation: Analyzing customers’ favorite genres and excluding already viewed titles
  • Automated content creation: Using customer insights and templates to auto-generate viewing recommendation emails – complete with text copy, images, and logos
  • Personalization: Distribution of tailored emails to a wide range of customers


Content automation is multifaceted and for Telia, it includes the following key components:

  1. Technical integration: To make the data needed available across different platforms
  2. Cross-functional collaboration: To ensure that different teams work towards the same goals
  3. Process redesign: To enable new ways of working with insights, briefing, and proofing


Benefits that Telia is targeting through the move into content automation include:

  1. Improved customer experience: By delivering more tailored content to customers, Telia will be able to meet customer expectations, boost satisfaction, and increase loyalty
  2. Increased scalability: The pilot use case demonstrated how 12,000 different versions of a single email could be auto-generated, showcasing the immense potential in scaling communications
  3. Increased efficiency: Content production time can be reduced by up to 70%, allowing the creative and marketing team to focus more on higher-value tasks
  4. Enhanced financial performance: Through personalizing customer interactions at scale, Telia can achieve an EBITDA increase of at least 2%. Content automation will play a crucial role in realizing this, as will parallel investments in next-best action, offer generation, and cross-channel orchestration.


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