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Interaction Studio: Visualise, Track, and Manage Real-time Consumer Experiences

Interaction Studio

Interaction Studio is a wonderful tool in Salesforce where the user can visualise, track, and manage the customer experience in real-time. The essential purpose of this is to drive valuable engagement the way your audience prefers, all at the right time. 

There are new releases for Salesforce in 2021 that are currently being teased. You can read the previous blogs here:

One of these new updates is related to the above mentioned Interaction Studio. 

So, What’s New Then?

Well, the Salesforce artificial intelligence and machine-learning tool Einstein is now more fully integrated into the new version of Interaction Studio, hence playing a bigger role than before. This essentially means that Interaction Studio now allows the user to even better tailor the experiences on a 1-to-1 level across channels. Without going into too much detail, this entails that business users now can customise, test, and implement machine-learning algorithms that evaluate individual attributes, affinities, and intentions to deliver the most relevant and individualised recommendations.

Einstein in Interaction Studio will also evaluate the likelihood of someone’s engagement with a specific offer or action, and, maybe most importantly of all, the business value of said offer or action. Einstein is divided into two different functions; Einstein Personalisation Recipes where recommendations are generated, and Einstein Personalisation Decisions where next best actions and offers are generated. 

How Will This Benefit Me and My Business?

If you need to provide (or you are aiming to provide) a user experience that is as unique and as relevant as possible then your business will profit from the addition of Einstein in Interaction Studio. The vast amount of data it takes to deliver this unique experience for your customers makes it inevitably important with an AI tool such as Einstein to be successful with this endeavour. 

What Can I Do?

If you already have Salesforce implemented, great! This new integration will not take too much time to get a grip of. We are happy to help. If you are interested in CRM in general and this motivated you even more, feel free to contact me for a consultation on the next steps towards having a data-driven organisation.


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