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Increasing the relevance of your Marketing Communication in three areas

In the field of Digital Marketing, there are two opposite trends evolving. On the one hand, micro-personalisation is communicated as THE method (Frost, 2021) to make content more relevant to the audience. On the other hand, privacy concerns are increasing and the number of court rulings regarding GDPR and data security is increasing on a monthly basis (CMS, 2022). 


One approach to face these trends is to opt for data quality, not quantity. This can be achieved by

  • Complying with GDPR and data regulations, living by “Privacy by design” principles
  • Smart targeting and personalization
  • Providing communication relevant to the target audience


Download our whitepaper “Increasing the relevance of your Marketing Communication in three areas” to work on smart, high-quality communication using your Owned Media channels.


Note: This article mentions methods like tracking and re-targeting that will be affected by upcoming Cookie regulations. Find out if a CDP might help you to survive the “death of the third-party cookie”: What is a CDP and do you need one?



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