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Effie Awards Finland: Avaus and Wärtsilä Energy Solutions Success

Wärtsilä Energy Solutions’ digital marketing strategy, Account-Based Marketing, took bronze in Effie Awards Finland in the Products and Services/Business challenges category. The strategy was implemented by Avaus. Wärtsilä was looking for a new approach to marketing, following the regulatory reforms carried out in the US electricity markets. This opened great market opportunities for Wärtsilä’s novel and efficient power plant. However, the company’s technology was not particularly well known in the US.

Avaus set as its goal to boost awareness for Wärtsilä among key decision-makers in companies. The goal was achieved through an ABM (account-based marketing) strategy, in which marketing measures are designed in detail and over the long term according to the target customers’ needs and situations. The strategy made use of, for example, the purchasing profile model and hyperlocal marketing.

“The results of the strategy surpassed our expectations, and account-based marketing has now become part of our marketing strategy,” says Jukka-Pekka Niemi, General Manager, Marketing, at Wärtsilä.

“Wärtsilä’s success in the US proves that the digital marketing of a large industrial company must operate close to sales,” explains Emma Storbacka, Head of B2B at Avaus.

“We are very pleased with our customer’s success as well as with Effie showing appreciation for our work. What makes us happiest, however, is that Wärtsilä has made this new approach an integral part of its marketing and sales activities worldwide.”

Read more about Wärtsilä’s Account-Based Marketing strategy and its results here!

Effie Awards Finland measures the effectiveness and results of marketing. In Finland, it is organised by the Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology and Creativity (MTL). Effie is the only event in Finland that evaluates the results and success of marketing communications. The number of entries submitted to Effie makes it Finland’s largest competition measuring the effectiveness of marketing.


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