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Avaus “Agency of the Year Sweden 2020” Nominee

Media Release 24.1.2020

Avaus “Agency of the Year Sweden 2020” Nominee

Emma Storbacka

Avaus CEO Emma Storbacka


Avaus has been nominated to the final of the Agency of the Year -competition in Sweden 2020, in the Larger Digital agency category. This is the fírst nomination for the four year old Avaus Sweden. The agency is a customer data and insights specialist employing 60+ experts in Sweden. In a short period of time, Avaus has won a substantial portfolio of enterprise customers such as ICA, McDonalds, Fortum and Atlas Copco.

“We are the new engineers of marketing,” says CEO Emma Storbacka. “We engineer data to make it useful, algorithms to make data actionable, and we engineer marketing activities to enable the best user experiences.” She says that Avaus mission is to make Nordic Companies stand out as world-leading marketeers. The recipe is: Data-Algo-Action. “Machine Learning and AI have changed the way we all think about marketing,”  Storbacka says that the main area of growth for Avaus is in data and analytics. “In the business of turning data into crowns and euros, we want to stand out as both fast and trustworthy”. As a relatively new entrant on the Swedish market, she says that the entire crew is extremely happy for the nomination. “A year ago we would not have believed this was possible,” she adds.


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