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Avaus, winner of Agency of the Year 2024 in Digital Transformation

In 2022, we secured second place. This year, we proudly sailed up to the top spot and won in the category of Digital Transformation.

We’ve been honoured with nominations for Agency of the Year in Sweden (Årets byrå by Regi Research & Strategi), particularly in the category of Digital Transformation several times before. But what makes this achievement, especially winning, so significant? Well, it’s based on the feedback from our clients. Standing at the top of the podium is a delightful bonus, but the main reason for our participation is the gathering of insights and feedback from our clients. This serves as the perfect foundation for continuous improvements.


Didrik Helsing, Ellen Lübeck, Johanna Andrén and Julius Tallqvist. 


Our mission at Avaus has for a long time been, and still is, to foster customer-centricity and help enterprises grow and face the future. We set out to be a transformation partner for enterprises looking to turn their data into business growth, pioneering the development of Generative AI solutions that drive business results. And while we are excited to keep developing and improving, we believe that our core offering is what sets us apart from the competition, resulting in this win.

We extend the biggest of gratitude not only to our clients, but also to our teams for consistently delivering outstanding results in marketing and sales through the adept use of data, automation, and AI.

What exactly is Årets Byrå?

For an agency to be able to earn a nomination, a sizable customer base is required, together with a high degree of customer satisfaction across 15 distinct criteria.

The nominations stem from a survey sent to the agency’s clients, asking various questions about the overall satisfaction with the work provided. This year, over 1700 communication buyers participated, with data collected for 236 agencies.



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