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AI in Marketing & Sales: 50 Practical Recipes to Become Data-driven

As leaders in marketing, sales and customer experience, we all are under pressure to create better results with the same – or even fewer resources. Being data-driven, promises the ability to use your organisation’s data and improve outcomes by turning data into insights and automating actions. 


The challenge is – it requires that you know how to apply the data to create those results. And once you know – you have to overcome the hurdles of siloed organisations, low data literacy, change resistance and the like. Thus – we might have all the ingredients in place but still not manage to cook an extraordinary meal! Unfortunately, the world around us is also changing – to the more complex. The data we can use in our data-driven initiatives takes on a more complex form: the channels we can use for activating data are growing in number and complexity (hello, voice assistants!).


To help out fellow practitioners and business decision-makers alike, we at Avaus have collected a set of 50 recipes to help you take the first steps to become increasingly data-driven – in all aspects of what you do.


Download The Avaus Cookbook


Many of the recipes are very operative  – but that is where you take the first steps on your bigger “Algo Leap”, as we like to call it. We have learned first-hand that the first thing that needs to happen is for all of your team members to start thinking with an “algorithmic” mindset on the business problems they are addressing every day. 


The Avaus Cookbook 50 recipes showcase the three ingredients to successful data-driven operations that we at Avaus have coined: “Data, Algo, and Action”. 


Data x Algo x Action

Exhibit 1: Data x Algo x Action


Using our Cookbook recipes should be seen as a first step on the journey to becoming “AI-first” – once you have some exciting results and a team that knows how to make it happen – it is time to think about how you can scale up the capability and make it a core operating principle. 


Read How to Scale Up Your Algo Game


At Avaus, we strongly believe that every successful company will be powered by algorithms in the future. So you better start now. 


We created the Avaus Cookbook: AI in Marketing and Sales to:


  • Help companies and individuals to get started with AI initiatives 
  • Inspire you (and your team)  to take the “Algo Leap.’ 
  • Educate both Business and Analytics practitioners, and create a shared language for planning: Data-algo-action 


Avaus Cookbook: AI in Marketing & Sales



Eric Hörberg

Senior Data Scientist



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