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CDP (Customer Data Platform) selection support for Telia Sweden

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) is one of the most game-changing and fast-evolving technologies in the MarTech space today, allowing marketers to unify data from various sources and activate it in real-time across channels and touchpoints. Avaus has been Telia’s chosen partner to evaluate different technologies and select the most suitable CDP to strengthen Telia’s personalisation capabilities.

The requirements on the CDP were to centralise all data needed for marketing and allow Telia to put more power in the hands of marketers as well as the ability to orchestrate customer communications across channels from one central place. A use case driven approach was designed in collaboration with Telia to allow for a deep understanding of CDP capabilities and how they mapped to Telia’s future needs.


  • Omni-channel marketing siloed due to much of the work being done in channel-specific systems and teams.
  • Fragmented view of the customers with limited ability to use data from different channels and tie them together.
  • Audience management is very much an ad-hoc task and dependent on analytics/IT.



  • RFI and RFP process conducted, 14 weeks to final vendor selection from project start.
  • Proof of concept designed and started to test chosen solutions for defined use cases in conjunction with the rest of the martech stack.




To be evaluated during the POC phase but expected benefits are:

  • Better ROMI due to better customer data and better targeting
  • Audience management capabilities shifted to marketers from IT/analytics
  • Real-time targeting capabilities across channels
  • Shorter time to market of new campaigns and initiatives





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