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Swedish bank – Marketing and sales process for mortgage leads

The client was unable to seize high potential opportunities and respond to interested leads’ actions because it was missing the correct technology to create an automated lead to sales process. Avaus helped the client to implement Salesforce and to reorganise the internal ways of working for a better sales process and customer experience.


The client was finding it challenging to create a brand new lead to sales process while taking both GDPR and internal process complexity into account. At the outset of the project, there was no lead to sales process for mortgage leads in place, and the client was relying solely on word of mouth to drive new customers to the mortgage business.


Salesforce was used as the technological tool to ensure that there was an efficient lead to sales process, thus engaging appointed owners in the sales funnel. A cross-competence and cross-silo group was introduced to tackle the implementation of the technical platform and the development of new sales processes.


A clear roadmap, new processes and key stakeholders were defined, creating better customer insight and also breaking internal silos. The client was able to identify possible next steps to both increase attractiveness for potential customers, as well as to develop segments on the market that had, up until that time, been mostly ignored.



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