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Kitchen manufacturer – Optimised lead management process

The client, a kitchen manufacturer, did not have the marketing technologies to effectively and efficiently manage the lead process from marketing to sales. To justify and validate the business case for the marketing automation investment, they needed to ensure the business targets were met by actively improving the lead management process and grow conversion on meetings booked. Avaus helped the client to secure the proof-of-concept with Marketo and to turn it into a success case with clear results.

Duration: 4 months

Team size: 3 people

Team roles: Strategy consultant, Marketing Automation Specialist and Analyst

Project: Proof Of Concept

Technology stack: Marketo


In an industry where the sales cycle can take up to a decade, the client was struggling to manage the lead process from marketing to sales efficiently. At the same time, the client’s customer data was siloed, scattered throughout different departments and systems, which made it hard to find a connection between different touch points of leads in the sales funnel.


To drive more online sign-ups, Avaus introduced a cross-competence growth team to the project. Together with the client they created a lead management pilot program with clear objectives, i.e. to increase sign-up conversion by 40%. The team implemented Marketo as the marketing automation tool for one of the client’s brands to drive results.


A clear lead life cycle could be tracked and after 3.5 months, the growth team was able to increase online sign-up rates by 71 %. Of more engaged leads, the ones who entered the email nurturing program had a 53% higher conversion rate than those who didn’t. The client was also able to adopt a more agile way of working.



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