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Need to Decrease Marketing Spend? Address Your Big-ticket Items

Increasing Staff Efficiency – a Hot Topic in the Post-COVID Era

As we detail in one of our blogs, Restructuring marketing for efficiency – is the time to rethink how we conduct marketing. With the need to do more with less, the business-oriented CMO is planning for efficiency improvements across the board. This week’s newsletter addresses the first of the two big-ticket items in the marketing budget: manual work (the following newsletter covers efficiency in your media spend, but you can take a sneak peek here.



We collected three articles for you and created a short 20-minute video overview. If any of these topics interest you – let’s schedule a discussion for a walkthrough of our approach.

Three Recipes for Improving Staff Efficiency in Marketing


Automating (hundreds of) Customer Journeys – How to Scale Up Your Automation Initiatives?

Although in the Nordics, the automation of marketing and customer journeys has been standard practice for the last 5-7 years, only a few companies have taken their automation to the level where it should be. In this blog, we give a few examples of how to automate at scale.

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Improving Your Content Process – a 5 Steps Approach

Content management is typically one of the most underdeveloped marketing processes in large enterprises – and one of the costliest. With increasing demands on personalisation, now is the time to address your content inefficiencies.

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A Checklist for Reducing Incoming Calls and Decreasing Handling Times With Data and Automation

Contact/Service centre calls (or chats, emails etc.) typically cost between 10-20€ each and are typically a major cost driver for Telcos, Banks, Insurance companies. In this blog, you will find eight ways that data and automation can save you money in customer service, and at the same time, improve your customer experience. After all, the best customer service interaction is often the one you do not need.

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