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Multiclient study: Sales 4.0



Improve your understanding of the future of data driven and automated sales, create a roadmap and learn from peers!

Do you have a clear vision and roadmap for becoming more data driven?

Do you know what is needed for you to increase automation levels in sales across channels?

Do you know how you can leverage data and AI to sell more in a more efficient way?

Keep reading and find out how Multiclient study-sales 4.0 can help you find answers to these questions. 

Multiclient Study – Sales 4.0

A combined learning and vision creation experience with 6-8 B2B Sales organisations from non-competing industries.

  • Joint and company specific workshops
  • Networking and peer discussions
  • Avaus methodology as backbone
  • Cross-competence participants suggested (IT, Marketing, Sales)

Why you should consider joining:

  1. You are not “there yet” but want to understand more about the potential in data, automation and AI for sales
  2. You want to start future proofing your team
  3. You want to create a shared language between sales, IT and marketing
  4. You want to understand what data you need today, to be able to use tomorrow
  5. You want a “light touch” project to set the direction for your and your team (no big strategy exercises)
  6. You want to address data and AI from a business driven perspective, not via software, tools or technologies
  7. You want to ensure you do the right prioritisations when planning for the year ahead

What to expect

A facilitated joint project amongst the participating companies from non-competing industries:

  • 5 Online workshops (3 joint, 2 company specific)
  • Participants from Fin, Swe, Germany from B2B Sales organisations (size 100m€ revenue and up)
  • Outputs: 
    • Increased data literacy for participants*
    • Value drivers identified for your particular business
    • 25 use cases identified for your company
    • High level requirements identified

*Data literacy quoted as the biggest hinder for organisations to capture the value data and AI can bring

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