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Volkswagen Group Sweden – How do you build a data-driven sales and marketing engine?

Oscar Jäderberg, Thomas Berg, Anna von Walzel, Anders Wickman, Nils Simonsson, Emma Johansson, Greger Hammarström and Johan Eriksson.


Volkswagen Group Sweden (VGS) is Sweden’s largest car importer of renowned brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, CUPRA, SKODA and Porsche. Together with approximately 200 authorised dealers and service partners, VGS is marketing these brands on the Swedish market, securing both delivery and compliance of the manufacturer’s high standards for quality and guarantees.


VGS partnered up with Avaus to define a vision towards a superior customer experience across different channels, mainly focusing on aftermarket sales. A series of interviews and workshops following Avaus’ Factory approach were conducted, and several challenges and opportunities were identified.


Nine use cases in nine channels plus seven algorithms were prioritised resulting in:

1. Core use case value potential in monetised business cases

2. Technical recommendations from both an architecture and a capability perspective

3. Additional recommendations for loyalty vision and strategy, performance analysis and reporting, content automation and way of working

4. Project plan and investments for use case implementation


1. Data maturity, quality and usabilityWhat data sources can be used for algorithmic personalisation?

2. Data Privacy, GDPR and consentHow can we secure a stable and scalable personalisation framework?

3. Risk and benefitsHow can we establish a business implications framework?

4. Organisational maturity and implicationsHow to organise and create a technology foundation that scales?


With a clear view on how to organise around a personalisation initiative, and how to drive change more efficiently, VGS now has the foot on the accelerator pedal. They are moving fast toward a data-driven and algorithmic sales and marketing execution, when it comes to aftermarket sales, dealers and service partners.

“The next step includes implementation of  use cases that will enable a solid ROI and a clear impact on key KPIs.”



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