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Avaus Trainee Program Summer 2022

Trainee Program Stockholm 2022

Avaus Trainees @ Stockholm 2022

Aside from direct entry, our trainee program is another opportunity for graduates to enter the world of work. During the summer of 2022, Avaus is preparing for growth by offering trainee programs to 8 students.

Trainees pass through many areas such as expanding their technical knowledge, filling up any gaps, and increasing their core competences over a pre-determined period of time.


“We want to keep building on what the students learned at school and teach them the applied skills they need to bring companies to the forefront of data-driven marketing and sales.” Says Paola Banegas, Talent Acquisition Lead at Avaus.

As a trainee, you will quite soon become a part of different development processes; whether internally, with our clients or both. The new trainee program is a structured package of lessons and certificates that students can complete to prepare for their first customer assignment. 

We started with these programs last year and the feedback from prior trainees has been extremely positive. After the program, 77% of them are still employed at Avaus.


“As a trainee, you will not only learn relevant skills, in an engineering and fun environment – you will also join the community of highly knowledgeable Avaus experts ranging across different competences. Your own team of mentoring digital wizards if you will. So, you need to be a team player!” – Linus Hemberg, Team Lead Technology at Avaus.

We offer four pathways for trainees to join our program:
Junior Data Engineer, Junior Data Scientist, Junior Marketing Automation, and Junior Digital Marketing Consultant.


Are you ready to take on responsibility? For yourself, for our clients, and for Avaus.

Trainee-program is meant to give young adults or career-changers a possibility to enrol into actual industry projects whilst still learning the ropes of the business. We give them a space to try out their skills and plan learning sessions for them to be able to enter our business but also expect them to provide us with their growing understanding and time, in a return.




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