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Adlibris wants to create a word-class customer experience – starts collaboration with Avaus

Adlibris is the Nordic region’s largest bookstore and they want to inspire people to their next reading experience – show their customers the way to books that delight, touch and upset. And now they want to improve that experience with the help of us at Avaus.

According to the research company Gartner, investments in sales and marketing automation are increasing, while many decision makers in sales and marketing feel that they are not getting an optimal return. Sales and marketing automation could be an exclusive sports car, but it seems to be stuck in the garage. Or as Jonas Karlén, CEO at Adlibris puts it:

“You think it’s a shiny new car, but it’s easy to miss that you should also be able to drive it.”

But now Adlibris is ready to dust it off and start driving, and take advantage of the fact that they are the largest bookstore in the Nordics. Or as Veronica Fras, Chief Customer Officer at Adlibris formulates it:

“We want to scale up much more, faster and really do the right things first, in the right order. It’s been a process where we’ve seen this opportunity that Adlibris is unique in having so much customer data already, but we haven’t done enough with it. We have not used it to create a better customer experience.”

Jonas Karlén emphasizes that the timing is perfect:

“Now Adlibris is ready to gear up and then it is a very good time for us to run this with Avaus now – to automate working methods and processes, which gives us long-term value.”

At the same time, Emma Storbacka, CEO at Avaus emphasizes that not only the timing, but also the match is perfect:

“Adlibris is a perfect partner for us – an ambitious and business-driven company, which is ready to take the next step in its digitalization journey. With an increased degree of automation, Adlibris enables a more personalized experience for its customers, but also a more efficient sales and marketing function.”

Thomas Berg, Commercial Director at Avaus fills in:

“Our business dialogue has been characterized by a quest for a strategic move for Adlibris – to create business value from technology investments already taken. With over 13 million book titles, it’s not enough to simply offer top list suggestions to its customers, who are spoiled with hyper-personalized recommendations when streaming movies and music.”

Using Avaus’ library of data models, algorithms and methods, the goal is to increase Adlibri’s return on investments in data and technology – and create a world-class customer experience. Vroom!



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