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Case Wärtsilä: Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing seems to be all the hype among serious B2B digital marketers around the world. But how is it really executed to utmost perfection? Here at Avaus we have helped several prestigious B2B companies in their digital marketing efforts with measurable results. One of our top cases is the work we did for Wärtsilä which is a Finnish corporation which manufactures and services power sources and other equipment in the marine and energy markets. It operates in over 70 countries. Our approach was so outstanding that it was continued as the first choice operating norm in digital marketing when expanding to new markets. Not only that – our case was also awarded in Effie Awards Finland 2016.


Avaus supported Wärtsilä in creating a multi-channel content strategy to reach and influence an identified target group of some 200 decision makers in Texas.


How to efficiently ensure reach and engagement with a moderate marketing budget?

Wärtsilä Power Plants needed to reach, and influence an identified group of prospects with their challenger technology – supporting their local sales team in convincing the buyers of the proven benefits of their solution.


An account based marketing strategy for targeted companies was created.

An account based marketing approach was selected to reach and influence the niche target group, and clear value propositions were created for each buyer persona. Additionally the most efficient channels to reach the customers were selected.


Contents delivered using IP-targeted advertising and marketing automation to generate lead information.

A microsite was created with locally relevant content. To drive traffic, IP-targeted banner advertising was pointed towards the identified target companies, and supported with social media. Lead tracking and nurturing was handled with Marketing Automation


Visibility and customer insight. Ability to scale campaign to new areas. Measurable marketing.

The tracking on the site enables Wärtsilä to know which companies are interested in their offering. All complex automations can be duplicated to efficiently support other similar situations. The campaign  provides insight for future marketing development as customer interaction data is collected and analyzed.

Want to know more? Download the entire case study below or give us a call!

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