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Case: Anticimex

Avaus supports Anticimex in creating centralized global demand generation capability.


How to rapidly ramp up digital marketing ability in a scalable way to capture market share in a highly decentralized market?
Anticimex had identified significant market potential in the German market for pest control (B2B & B2C). The market being highly decentralized and dominated by locally strong smaller players and limited brand awareness called for new approaches leveraging digital channels and tools to enable marketing and sales to scale their work and increase efficiency. Allthewhile, any tactics and assets generated were to be built for scaling across all Anticimex’ markets.
Rapidly scale up to full marketing capability for demand generation while building for scalability.
A full digital marketing and sales technology stack was designed and built, including in- & outbound programs, interactive content and lead management and qualification processes to automate and optimize lead generation and sales at scale.
Deploying an agile marketing approach to building, testing and optimizing marketing and sales based on data.
By formulating clear hypotheses and testing minimum viable versions of content, programs and tactics against them in small scale allowed to scale up only what worked and thus minimize waste of resources.
Full marketing capability within months, generating results from within the first month, accounting for 40% of sales pipeline during the period.
Continuous monitoring and measurment, resulted in significant improves in conversion rates and pipeline growth.

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