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Schibsted Finland – B2B customer segmentation to support systematic sales

Concrete tools to boost sales by prioritising the high-potential accounts and activities


Schibsted Finland is the leading marketplace provider in Finland. With the well-known brands, Oikotie, and Rakentaja, they generate more than 50 million visits by consumers in the market for buying and selling every month.

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“We achieved a lot within a short period of time and we are pleased with the outcome; concrete tools for the sales team to improve their actions on daily basis.”

Kati Saarela, Marketing Director Schibsted

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“I’m happy that we were able to deliver so much value for the Schibsted Media Finland sales organisation in such a short time.”

Emma Storbacka, CEO Avaus

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When Schibsted and Avaus partnered in the spring of 2022, the mission was to support Schibsted’s product, marketing and sales organisations with the identification and prioritisation of development initiatives. The objective was to accelerate the sales success of the advertising offering. One of the short-term initiatives identified was to develop a segmentation model that would help the sales organisation focus their efforts on the right customers, with the right offering:

We thought it was essential to re-evaluate the customer base and offering, to clarify the current state and to recognize the future potential, as a part of our strategy work,” says Kati Saarela, Marketing Director, Schibsted Finland.

Not all customers are equal, and a widely known business objective is to spend time and effort with the right customers. In order to achieve this goal, the Avaus team created a customer segmentation model allowing Schibsted to plan out marketing and sales activities systematically.

As concrete outcomes of the initiative, a framework for customer segmentation was created, with the subsequent analysis of the customer base. In addition, the Avaus team created an Excel-based segmentation workbook to be a shared tool for both sales leaders and sales reps alike, when planning sales activities, coaching individual sales reps and – over time – to follow-up on progress.

The work was facilitated by an Avaus team, and thanks to the Avaus Library assets and frameworks used, the team was able to take the project from start to finish in 5 weeks:

“We achieved a lot within a short period of time and we are pleased with the outcome: concrete tools to improve actions on a daily basis. Jumping straight into the implementation phase and getting the segmentation model in place, will help us focus on the right customers and boost our sales,” says Kati Saarela.

The initiative was one of the recent deliveries where Avaus’ strategy of assetization (i.e creating replicable methodologies and assets) was put to the test:

“I am happy that we were able to deliver so much value for Schibsted Finland in such a short time. This collaboration really demonstrated the strength of our assetization strategy, that allows us to spend more time on analysis and less time on figuring out how to approach different topics,” concludes Emma Storbacka, CEO, Avaus.

Project: Sales Development Booster

Customer: Schibsted Finland

Duration: 5 weeks

Outcome: Framework for customer segmentation, Excel-based segmentation workbook




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