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Savencia – Data-driven marketing leads the way towards customer loyalty


Savencia is the German market leader for cheese specialities, originating from France. Savencia’s marketing teams take care of the company’s different, well-konown cheese brands like Géramont, Fol Epi and Milkana, as well as the lifestyle brand “Ich liebe Kä” (I love cheese).”Ich liebe Kä” covers multiple owned media channels including a website-hub, which is the number one if its kind in Germany. The website is showcasing inspiring content around cheese such as recipes, knowledge articles and information around nutrition & health – yielding the option to directly order the products either in an e-retail store or the own shop.


We have been supporting the “Ich liebe Käse” team for over three years in their journey towards data- and loyalty-driven marketing. Our journey together started with the recommendation for a future marketing tech-stack and architecture. We continued with the implementation of a CRM-system with customer service functionalities, as well as the implementation of a marketing automation solution. Currently, we are working on defining solutions to collect, store, segment and activate first party data with the perspective to move the concept towards second and third party data.

Our team at Savencia consists of a marketing automation specialist, a CRM & data specialist, one Senior and one Junior Strategy Consultant and is flexibly enhanced by front-end developers, architects or data scientists as we see need.


Customer Service & CRM:

  • Duplicates in CRM reduced to 0
  • Customer service speed rated 9.6 out of 10

Marketing Automation:

  • > 15 Automations in use
  • Hard bounce rate reduced from 10% to > 1%

Proof of Concept:

  • +128% Homepage Engagement
  • +380% increase of eCom Link clicks


Customer Service & CRM:

  • The customer service team used to work in a folder structure without any automations
  • There was no central place to store demographic data, opt-in data or preference data

Marketing Automation:

  • The Newsletter team was only able to personalise the greeting, but other personalization options like dynamic content based personalizations on food preferences was not available 
  • Savencia was not able to sufficiently showcase the positive business impact of their digital marketing activities
  • The team didn’t have a plan in place on what data collect in order to reach their segmentation goals built towards growing the capacity to show their business impact 



  • A future state for the marketing tech-stack and architecture was developed based on business goals and use cases
  • A CRM and a marketing automation solution were implemented to enable the technical capabilities
  • Several integrations between systems were set up, for example with web forms, chatbot and a single sign-on solution
  • Several collaboration processes were developed and set up like standardised text blocks to be used by the customer service, regular deduplication actions and automated data transfers 
  • Different types of opt-ins were implemented and standardised between systems
  • GDPR solutions for deletion, anonymisation and providing personal data excerpts were developed
  • An omni-channel “marketing automation and data collection” proof of concepts has been executed, using social media ads, website and email personalization, chatbot, CRM profiles, coupons as well as marketing automation journeys and emails



Customer Service & CRM:

  • The service team has automated use cases in place. One example is a satisfaction survey after case resolution, where customer service speed is rated 9.4 on a scale of 10
  • The data quality has improved, setting the amount of duplicates to zero and reducing the hard bounce rate from 10% > 1%

Marketing Automation:

  • Savencia now has the basic technical set up for marketing automation and data handling, ready to scale data capabilities
  • The team could prove also internally that personalization and automation could sustainably enhance their KPI’s and has a plan on where they want to go in the future (what technologies, segments, use cases to develop next)
  • The team has transformed the best performing parts of the proof of concept into a standard use case
  • The team has set up further standard use cases, like transactional emails and a birthday journey


  • The cluttered architecture has become an integrated setup with a clear system and data hierarchy

“We had to choose between top players in the field and now, after 3 years, we are very happy about our decision to work with Avaus. Avaus was able to convince us, because they understand the relevant challenges our marketing unit has. They prepare content that is easy to understand and come with a well-founded vision that is comprehensible for top management. Additionally, they show the needed expertise to set and communicate a feasible scope for operative projects which can then be executed swiftly. Overall, they are an approachable and loyal team with whom we are happy to keep collaborating in the future”, comments Savencia.



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