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Renaming Salesforce: Why have they done it and how does it affect you?

Earlier this year, Salesforce announced what the next step is for their Marketing Cloud. With that, they also announced changes in names for some Marketing Cloud related products. 

Here are the current changes that have been made with the Marketing Cloud: 

  • Salesforce CDP → Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform  
  • Interaction Studio → Marketing Cloud Personalisation 
  • Emails, advertising, journey products and mobile → Marketing Cloud Engagement 
  • Pardot → Marketing Cloud Account Engagement 
  • Datorama → Marketing Cloud Intelligence    
  • Advertising Studio → Marketing Cloud Advertising 

In general, Salesforce are not unfamiliar with rebranding and name changes within the company. At a relatively larger scale than the changes stated above, they recently changed their legal name from, Inc to Salesforce, Inc. 

But what do these changes mean for the near future and how do they impact the users of the platform? 


Why the changes?

According to a statement made on Salesforce’s webpage, one of the reasons for the changes is being ‘’Unified’’ — which is one of the core values for Salesforce’s products. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products are now under one umbrella and products in the portfolio are integrated with each other in one way or another. 

The other core values are ‘’Easy’’, meaning that the products of Salesforce are now using a more synchronised language, and ‘’Flexible’’, which they achieve by continuously innovating these products. 


How do these changes affect you?

Salesforce have announced that they are intending to make updates later this year through products, Help and Training, Customer Success, support, and external certifications. Before this, you will be able to see them in marketing and sales, and on Salesforce’s webpage. 

The fact is that, with change, some confusion might appear. Although I do not think that these changes will be problematic on a functional level over time, they might still come with adjustment periods and some confusion. 

There is something to be said about simplifying different terminology for marketers, analysts  and uppening visibility with these changes. This allows users, both new and current, to access products with a name that aligns with their desired actions. 


How I can help you

If you still have questions about the changes made by Salesforce, no worries! Feel free to contact me and hopefully I can help clarify. If you are interested in learning more about Salesforce and/or Avaus, also great! Feel free to contact me for consultation on how to take the next step on the journey towards a data-driven organisation.


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Written by Yonathan Robel



Yonathan Robel

Junior Strategy Consultant



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